Rollin Wang's New Single “Eat Chicken Shake” Strong Debut Electroacoustic Divine Magic Brainwashing

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With the hottest game of the year, Terminator 2 Judgment Day, the “Chicken Eaters” boom continued to heat up. At the just-concluded Netease Games Taste Fresh Conference, Rolling Robin Wang of Shenqi Tianhou made a comeback and Rollin Wang carried a pole. The explosive "Chicken Shake" started on the line and sang in recent days, which caused a strong expression and caused a sensation. The exotic dance music "Eat Chicken Shake" continues the style of electronic music dance that Rollin Wang excels at. The rhythm is strong and the rhythm is sexy.

The producer of the song is also introduced by the project's music director Feiyu Tech FY . This “Chicken Shake” is the “Terminator 2 Judgment Day” – an open beta theme song. The relaxed entertainment of the Divine Comedy will suit the tastes of game fans. The song is a high-quality work of international cooperation model. The melody and arrangement of the song are from the top musicians in Uzbekistan. The song is also a hit song in Uzbekistan. Therefore, the genre is extremely unique, distinctive, and absolutely unique. It is refreshing. The singer Rollin Wang is our recognized Divine Comedy and is the only person to choose this song. Rollin Wang has many super-god's works. "Chick chick" "Daddy" "I'm not Huang Rong " "Oh!" "Bad sister" and so on, singing style is also unique, full of personality, exotic dance + international cutting-edge production + brainwashing Divine Comedy style + Rollin Wang personality charm unique charm + game fans familiar with the familiar positioning lyrics, let this The song is full of amazing and exquisite elements that make you incredible and brains open. Let this game propaganda song subvert your 2018 song and watch it!

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