Tian xiwei' wait for a long time 'hits the screen with a bright girl emerging a little pink

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Star connection message: Tian, XiWei Starring in the passionate campus youth drama Wait for a long time It is now popular. Based on a novel of the same name written by man xue, it tells the story of luo xi and others from high school to college.Tian, XiWeiplayed a very clear and honest girl luo xi in the play.

As the plot progresses, luo xi's life in university gradually becomes on the right track, and she starts to feel a little overwhelmed by some delicate feelings with li xin. She starts to deliberately keep a distance from li xin. At the same time, the campus culture festival was launched, and various clubs began to prepare their own theme activities. Facing the strong momentum of her opponents, luo xi was also very worried about the form of the event. Fortunately, li xin inspired her and made her think of the idea of holding an immersive drama experience activity. Li xin helped luo xi again and again, and the two people got closer and closer together. The emerging little pink attracted the audience's cheers, saying that the progress was too slow.

Tian XiWei studied in the acting department of Shanghai academy of drama. He has excellent professional performance in the school. This time "Wait for a long time" is Tian XiWei's first film and TV work, which is also a periodical test of her.Tian, XiWeiplayed luoxi, a character who was touched and warm-hearted, vividly and vividly.Tian, XiWeiis currently filming a new series called My true friend Let's look forward to Tian XiWei's excellent performance in his next work.

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