“ANIMAL WORLD” evaluation: Li Yifeng Avatar Dark Clown Play Survival Game Adventure Visual Effects Shocking.

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On June 19th, Star Alliance teamed up with Oscar Cinemas to organize an audience to Oscar Shanghai International Cinema to watch “ ANIMAL WORLD ”. Videos from the Han Yan directed, Li Yifeng starred, People Also ASK guest starring, Zhou Dongyu special star. The film is based on the Japanese cartoonist Nobuyuki Fukumoto's work Kaiji: Jinseigyakutengêmu . It tells the story of Zheng Kaisi’s repayment of the loan, participation in a mysterious game on the cruise ship, and survival. The film will be released worldwide on June 29, 2018.


ANIMAL WORLD User Reviews:

@: Thanks to the starship relationship provided by the star relationship, the ANIMAL WORLD male sailor Zheng Kaikai entered the ship and started an adventure. He exposed the greediness and ugliness of human nature in the game. The game finally forced the man to a corner, desperate. However, the male lord still retains the glory of human nature. Just as the male boss stated, I must have beaten the cricket cricket. The way to go, I have passed, I have kept my bottom line, and the wind is not against me. This is the most impressive thing. Where people are. "ANIMAL WORLD" tells us: Do not be so concerned about the eyes of others, even if we seem to clown in some people's eyes, but in life we still have to do a good job yourself!


Snow: ANIMAL WORLD is really super nice. It was adapted from the cartoon “Kaichi: Jinseigyakutengêmu”. The director wrote more than 10,000 characters and touched the original author Nobuyuki Fukumoto. The copyright has been bought. ANIMAL WORLD has a deep sense of human sentiment and humanity. The director has taken the name "ANIMAL WORLD" with deep meaning. Han Yan's director played this time, and all kinds of dazzling skills extended the illusions and brought the burning to the extreme. The degree of completion and perception was stronger than that of Kaiji: Jinseigyakutengêmu. Li Yifeng tried hard to prove himself this time.



Greedy National Treasure: ANIMAL WORLD special effects are really tall, very fine, and it's equivalent to a Hollywood blockbuster. The places where the front and final clowns are special are especially fueled. This movie story is also quite novel. Because the director has ingeniously and clearly presented the thinking things that are difficult for ordinary viewers to understand in his own way, the overall rhythm is good, and the audience is basically unable to distract with the story. Each character is very bright, supporting personality is also very prominent, the performance of the man Li Yifeng was pleasantly surprised. He was bluffed, but smart and responsible. Feel this time Li Yifeng chose this role to really choose the right one. Recently I gradually feel that the quality of domestic films is getting better and better. I hope that it will get better and better!


Xiaobailong: ANIMAL WORLD This movie has a very tight rhythm and a full sense of tension! The cool special effects in the movie are really shocking visual feasts. The comics and real people are ingeniously blended together. Violation. A series of scrambling special effects such as cool chasing cars are really enjoyable. There are also the rules of the jungle in the gamble office. The expression of the weak meat is very comprehensive and profound. The film's interpretation of human nature through the film is very accurate and really worth considering. Selfishness, greed, deception, fear, and death are filled with the entire ship. Goodness and trust may have given you your life. Whether from the level of special effects technology or the series of wonderful inferences and calculations on the cruise ship are all very exciting, “Mathematics is good for life”, the rules of the game seem simple, but if you want to win the end, you must be smart enough and brave enough, Li Yifeng has Yan has acting skills and he is optimistic about the big sale of this movie!


Douding Ding: The movie "ANIMAL WORLD" uses a sharp mirror to tell the story of a ferocious animal in a world of human nature, and uses extreme darkness to cast a metaphor into the real world. I was very fortunate to have seen Han Yan, who had directed "Getting Out of Eggs! Cancer Monarch," who was very young and very talented. The director retained the imagination of the original comic “Kaji: Jinseigyakutengêmu” and added too much imagery texture. Li Yifeng and Zhou Dongyu played together and brought joyous emotions. The actress Oscar winner Douglas appeared. The movie brought a big surprise to the audience. This is a fairly well-kept international commercial blockbuster, and it is bound to bring the first “sweet” in the summer holiday. It will definitely not disappoint the monarchs.

Inadvertently: After reading the movie "ANIMAL WORLD," the impression was particularly impressive: "In ANIMAL WORLD, loyalty is suicide." This is also true in the film. Zheng Kaisi, played by Li Yifeng in the film, was forced to a dead end by his life. Together with other marginal people from all over the world, he boarded a super cruise ship full of blood and death. No. "Everybody is like a beast, trying to survive in slaying, struggling in dying, and how the company can survive, becoming the biggest suspense in the film.

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