Sand Sea' starts today with Alina Zhang's surprise appearance in the desert

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Star relationship news: byLei Wu,Qin Hao,Alina Zhang,Yang Rong (actress)Starring in the TV seriesSand Sea"Will air today. As the heroine of the play,Alina Zhangplays su nan, whose real identity is mysterious and mysterious. Many netizens also expressed their expectation that Alina Zhang's character su nan would have different sparks with other characters in the drama.

Alina Zhang arrives in the desert ina stunning red dress. & have spent & have spent The mysterious leading lady can hardly hide her bossy nature

In Sand Sea,Alina Zhangplays su nan, a mysterious figure who is independent in appearance, strong and confident in heart, but actually has a complex backgroundXu LeiHe said he loved the character and put a lot of effort into it. As the leading actress,Alina Zhangwears a clean and neat high horse tail in the play. Her bright red lips are full of domineering power, and her sometimes fierce eyes are full of mystery.

The intense scenes of sunan standing or standing with a gun in the desert, or confronting others head-on, were so overwhelming that viewers wondered what had happened to her in the desert. And su difficult seem to make fun of the serious "good-looking boy, can deceive a person", let a person feel the backside of this gag is not simple, seem to hide more mystery and ambushes. She also revealed su's classic line "I only give you five minutes" at the press conference. She was called "sister five minutes" by others, which aroused the audience's expectation of the role.

Beauty and strength go hand in hand. & have spentAlina Zhangis not afraid to challenge herself

Most of the scenes in "Sand Sea" were shot in the desert, and the process was extremely difficult. Sometimes it was to fight against the fierce sandstorm snow, sometimes it was to face the bad weather, butAlina Zhangdid not complain about it. She revealed in an interview that she searched the Internet and asked for tips on how to make and live in the desert before filming.Alina Zhangalso feels a sense of fear when she shoots scenes that go beyond her physical limits, but she doesn't give up because she believes persistence and challenge are the proper professional qualities for an actress. Many netizens commented that she could eat with her face, but she had to use her strength and respect for her work.

From Jingbo Chen, a post-80s strongwoman born in Chouchou,Little husbandLu xiaoshan, a businesslike urban woman,IceFantasy, dare to love dare to hate the family of the princess fire colourful Da, to now "Sand Sea" identity as a fan of Sue,Alina Zhangof popular approval, also continue to challenge themselves. In addition to being an actor,Alina Zhangmade her debut in the inspirational TV seriesWhite Hair PrincessThe role of a producer in the film has also attracted much attention.

"Sand Sea" kicks off at 20:00 on July 20, with two new episodes every Thursday and Friday, and Alina Zhang's performance is expected.

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