ZhangJike Announces Love and Jing Tian's Hand in Hand Take a Careful Exposure

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Today, at 7:21, ZhangJike sung a romance with Jing Tian at the seaside on Weibo, and @ Jing Tian, ​​generously declares K Love T, formally and openly affair, finally waited until this moment's netizens have sent their blessings. "Congratulations, Koko's straight man finally couldn't help himself to be happy.” Jing Tian also forwarded ZhangJike's Weibo show to T love K. Although everyone was not surprised by their open love relationship, ZhangJike made a confession. When using a little bit of caution, or let the netizen call it warmly, ZhangJike sent the document at 7:21pm, and July 21st happened to be the birthday of Jing Tian, ​​328 love it, 721 Jing Tian birthday, all the details can be Looking out, ZhangJike loves Jing Tian.


 Jing Tian

 ZhangJike  Jing Tian


ZhangJike and Jing Tian were eaten melons. The sign that the crowd was found to be in love was a microblogging “Thinking of your rabbit” comment area posted by Jing Tian at the end of January. ZhangJike commented, “Where is the owner?”. The two people who had never been affiliated with each other because of the rumors were dug out the whole incident of the two people. For example, ZhangJike was watching TV at home and was discovered on the screen by the viewers to be Jing Tian's drama “ Datang Glory ”. Koko enters the variety show and writes "K Love T" in the snow. Then she smiles and leaves. In front of the world, Jing Tian can not be found by melons. He has to say that ZhangJike is playing romantically. It is also full of hard work.

ZhangJike Jing Tian

Jing Tian

After being discovered by the netizen's clues about the romance of the two men, the two were not busy clearing the relationship, or they were always commenting on each other. ZhangJike sent a hidden poem about Yu Lichun. Jing Tian also made a funny message below, which is more interesting. In the past few days, Jing Tian did not leave any words to other stars, but he still ran the scandal under the microblogging object on the wave of rumors. If the relationship between the two is only ordinary friends, there is probably no one willing to believe it.

beginning of spring

Now that ZhangJike Jing Tian is in love, everyone can finally guess without guessing. I can honestly sit down and eat the sweet sugar of this sweet branch.

ZhangJike Jing Tian

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