The Tomb Notes' second quarter mysterious attack Cheng Yi (actor) advance training for the role of weight loss 15 pounds

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Today, the second quarter of the season series " Tomb Notes, " starring Cheng Yi (actor) , Neo Hou , Man Li , and Zhang Boyu , is directed by Kwok Fai Lau . This time, Cheng Yi (actor) joined the second season of Tomb Notes as Zhang Qiling, and Cheng Yi (actor) was exposed for the first time in a dark underground world. His eyes were cold and his temperament was very cold and he was very close to the character of “Little Brother”. He is very much looking forward to his performance in the second quarter of Tomb Notes.

Cheng Yi (actor) Challenges "Smothering Oil Bottle" Zhang Qiling's Adventure Tour Experiences Limits of Life and Death

The second quarter of "Tomb Notes" tells about Zhang Qiling and Wu Xie and others who were forced to get involved in a conspiracy after taking off from the organised Seven Stars Lu King Palace, thus opening up a thrilling adventure. This time, Cheng Yi (actor) played the mysterious background of Zhang Qiling. His character set was very complicated and his skills were perfect. Together with the adventure squad, he started an adventure with a limit of life and death.

The complex character background makes the interpretation of Zhang Qiling's role extremely difficult. Zhang Qiling in the original book is a calm personality, is silent and silent, and works very reliably. Chiu Ko 's Yi Rong skill has made him a "professional-level sudden missing person." Cheng Yi (actor)'s little brother is a black figure, lean and powerless, and looks very safe. He can perfectly "guard" the adventure team.

Cheng Yi (actor) challenges high-intensity physical training before shooting

It is reported that Cheng Yi (actor) had to train for nearly 3 months in order to better shape the character before the second quarter of Tomb Notes was started. During this period, Cheng Yi (actor) would participate in physical training, action training, and training in Weiya. The high-intensity and all-round training program enabled him to complete the action drama in the drama better. Cheng Yi (actor) has challenged his own limit to shape Zhang Qiling.

It is understood that Cheng Yi (actor) not only has to undergo high-intensity training during the physical training, but also needs to be strictly controlled in order to achieve weight reduction goals. Cheng Yi (actor) Weighing 15 pounds, the ideal body to successfully achieve the character. After the training, Cheng Yi (actor) also insisted on training to maintain the best shooting status and professionalism. This also made more users expect Cheng Yi (actor) to have a wonderful performance in the play.

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