Snow monster adventure' reveals that a human roll of paper is worshipped as a “bible” by the snow monster.

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Linkeddb News October 9 The Hollywood fantasy adventure animated film produced by warner bros. pictures Snow Monster Adventure ", which will be released on October 19. The footage of "the real thing" revealed today reveals the mystery of bigfoot to the "little foot monster" humans: the little foot monster molts, they are "horned" creatures, they hide the secrets of life on the "wisdom scroll" roll paper.. All these imaginative "alternative" analysis, all derived from the snow mountain most mysterious underground organization "the foot monster research center" active exploration and discovery, did not expect the snow monster world scientific research results, unexpectedly so subversive imagination, happy. On October 19, I went to the cinema to test the results of all the research on "laughter".

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Snow monster dare to collect evidence for scientific research & NBSP; & have spent Subvert the interpretation of the troll world

The new footage has revealed a mysterious underworld of snow monsters, a group of teenagers who are obsessed with studying the tiny foot monster. Miko was brought into a secret place by mi qi, knowing that he was not a monster in the fight, mi qi and other friends also believe that the feet monster real existence, even tried to find them! It turns out that mi qi, chubby, Flynn and coka have formed a group of four snow monsters. They quietly studied the legendary little foot monster in private. They searched the whole mountain for the trace of little foot monster.

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While miko had no evidence for the existence of the little foot monster, the team at the research center for the little foot monster took out what they had found over the years: a human down jacket, a ski pole, and a roll of paper. It's just that, in the perception of snow monsters, these items have been given a new explanation: the down jacket becomes the fur of the little foot monsters, which miki thinks they shed every year; The ski pole is the horn of the little foot monster. As for the roll of paper, it is regarded by mi qi as the holy scroll of hidden wisdom of the little foot monster Such a big discovery, the power of scientific research "smile" fruit, snow strange silly lovely world view can be seen, it can not help but want to enter their imagination of the happy world took a risk.

When legends accidentally shine into reality the cross - species collision joy is unlimited

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Snow Monster Adventure opens a new look at the world with an unprecedented Snow Monster perspective. People used to think of snow monsters as legendary snow Kwai Shan In the world of snow monsters, humans are parametersAn unknownThe mysterious "little foot monster". Monsters, which are not defined by their size or body size, can live in each other's lore and be imagined across species. The paper roll and the bible are so silly that they create such a huge contrast in the world that they imbue the film with a vibrant element of joy. Led by mi qi, the ambitious youth of the snow monster set up a "research center for the foot monster", recruit new rice fruit to join, and together uncover the truth and dispel the myth, so when the rice fruit found human traces again, big foot meets small foot, what kind of interesting scientific research will the snow monster youth make? What kind of sparks will humans be able to spark with the fierce but actually soft snow monsters? Legends shine into reality, unlock unlimited jokes.

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At the same time, the film will open up the mysterious world of snow monsters. Some of the details in the footage of the exposure are full of details, highlighting the strange interest of life in the snow mountain: the research center of the little foot monster hidden in the cave, the research results are painted all over the wall, as simple as the mural sense, more novel creatures incarnate "voice control lamp", patting the palm, colorful warmth illuminating everything.. The pure and lovely world of snow monsters, beyond imagination, more surprises in the October 19 departure of the adventure found out!

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Snow Monster Adventure, a fantasy Adventure animated film produced by warner bros. films, by "" money boss" " Channing Tatum ("Kingsman: The Golden Circle), NBA superstar LeBron James , charm goddess Zendaya ("Spider - Man: Homecoming), famous comedians James Corden (Peter rabbit) with a heartfelt voice, it will be released nationwide on October 19. Big person also has small lovely, big foot small foot small world, invite you together happy colleague!

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JPG: curious baby in the face of human snowflake

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