I doubt that wang baoqiang's girlfriend took a positive photo to expose her appearance.

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suspected Wang Baoqiang The girl friend front photograph exposure appearance level not to lose Ma Rong Long leg

In 2007,Wang BaoqiangandMa Rongmet and fell in love, and the couple married two years later. After marriage, they had a son and a daughter. From time to time,Wang BaoqiangandMa Rongshow their love and envy each other.Wang Baoqiangalso took his child to "where's dad?" and the family of four was happy.


However, on August 14, 2016,Wang Baoqiangissued a statement calling the broker Song Zhe He has been in an illegitimate relationship with his wife, Ma Rong, and has announced his divorce from his wife, Ma Rong. Moreover, the divorce proceedings between the two have been going on for a while, causing concern. The first trial of Wang Baoqiang's case againstMa Rongdivorce and Ma Rong's case against Wang Baoqiang's right to reputation dissolves the marriage relationship between the two parties. From the perspective of benefiting the growth and health of children, it was decided that the son should be raised byWang Baoqiangand the daughter by Ma Rong. In the case of Ma Rong's right of reputation, the court held thatWang Baoqiangdid not constitute a strong reputation infringement, and the first trial judgment rejected Ma Rong's claim. In the preceding paragraph, the second trial of Wang Baoqiang's divorce case,Ma Rongv. Wang Baoqiang's divorce case and right of reputation case was upheld.


Wang Baoqiang, as many viewers know, was from the grass roots. When he was six years old, he began to study martial arts. From eight to fourteen years old, he became a disciple of laijia in shaolin temple in songshan, henan province. In the six years of shaolin temple,Wang Baoqiangonly went home during the Spring Festival. At the age of 20,Wang Baoqiangcame to Beijing and became a popular actor in various sets.Wang Baoqiangwas directed in 2003 Michael Lee, Ming - yeung Pick a star in the independent film Mangjing ". The film was crucial to Wang Baoqiang's career in show business. The film earnedWang Baoqiangthe best newcomer award at the golden horse awards from a martial arts group, the best actor award at France's fifth duval film festival, the best newcomer award at the fortieth golden horse film awards in Taiwan, and the best actor award at the second Bangkok international film festival. In 2004,Wang Baoqiangwas cast Feng Xiaogang Lunar New Year show" AWorldWithoutThieves "And received attention. Since then,Wang Baoqianghas been active on the screen, making more and more audiences know the big boy.


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Since his divorce from Ma Rong,Wang Baoqianghas rarely reported an affair. But recently,Wang Baoqiangwas photographed taking a child home with a tall woman. In the photo, the woman is close to Wang Baoqiang's son and looks quite familiar. The woman also took off her skirt and changed into furniture at Baoqiang's house, walking withWang Baoqianginto the night. The woman appeared to have moved into her husband's home after being questioned by netizens. Earlier,Wang Baoqiangwas pictured taking his child to watch the drama with the woman. Later, the media asked Wang Baoqiang's team for confirmation, and the other side said they did not know about it.




The woman, who appeared to be Wang Baoqiang's girlfriend, was later exposed. Wang Baoqiang's moth also sent the woman roses. Moreover, the woman also got along well with Wang Baoqiang's son, and almost always accompanied Wang Baoqiang's son.





People who have seen the photos said thatMa Rongis as good as his appearance, and that his long legs are also very photogenic. Some netizens also said they hopeWang Baoqiangcan be happy, whether it is true or not.


"Silly root", "abing", "xu sanduo", etc.Wang Baoqianghas created some classic characters for the audience in the entertainment circle step by step. With his unremitting efforts,Wang Baoqiangis now an actor and director.


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