Zhang yishan pi hu zhu yi long serious “ludingji” seven us casting surprise

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Star connection September 11" Ludingji "As a Jin Yong Finally a martial arts novels, is praised asJin Yongcreation peak vertices, besides the hero weixiabao, different from traditional hero image, the book in the series ofJin Yongmartial arts novels the most unique is a total of seven leading lady, trinket wei took seven wife, and the TV version of the journalLudingjihas multiple versions, is one of the most classic Jordan Chan Edition, this edition on the basis of paying attention to the original works on the basis of a lot of quality details adaptation and even original, many people have been praised.

Zhang Yishan Zhu Yi Long The original novel is posted by ruffian

A new version of Ludingji, starring Zhang Yishan, has been widely followed since its debut. Earlier, an online drama starring Zhang Yishan, Y u Z UI Zhang Yishan rose to fame again with the hit drama, which later went through the TV series Me a "The polish, the acting more and more proficient, is many people's idea of the 90's real strength of the actor, starring him is really deserved.

The cast of the new "Ludingji" has been surprisingly strong, with the exception of Zhang Yishan, who will play wei xiaobao. Town soul "The popular actorZhu Yi Longwill play emperor kangxi's" little xuanzi ".Zhu Yi Longis the typical image of a teacher who falls for thousands of girls.Zhang YishanandZhu Yi Longmatch.

A strong cast of seven us selections is unexpected & NBSP;

But Internet users and book fans are most concerned about the new version of the seven wives of wei xiaobao, reportedly, after 90 popular actors Zi Yang, Zhang Yishan and Zi Yang, who will play one of wei's wives, are rare close friends, and their re-collaboration is sure to surprise viewers. In addition, zining will play shuanger, Su Ching Teh As princess jianning, High rain children As fang yi, Bai Baihe As mu sansong, Jing ru You - As zeng rou, Raquel He plays su tsuen. Among them, Zi Yang, Bai Baihe, jing-ru You andRaquelhave already revealed on the Internet that they will join in the play, and their roles are also very consistent with the actor's image.

In addition, Chen jinnan will be by Chengpeng Fu Play, hai da fu you Liu En Shang Star, Hongyao As cheng keshuang, Lawrence Wong, As wu ying xiong, Emotion Cheung, Playing hong antong, Wang Yan (actress) Will play nine masters, Zhuo Tan Will play the empress dowager, Dai Chunrong As wei chunhua, Yan Qin As wu sangui, Sumao As feng xifan, Baoping Shen As oboi. In addition, the acting of fu eldest brotherEmotion Cheung,inY u Z UIalso adds some topics and highlights to the new version of Ludingji.Emotion Cheung,plays the role of the divine dragon teacher hong antong and Raquel's wife su tsuen, both of which are the classic screen CP.

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