Their love comes from puppy love. happiness comes from heredity.

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There are quite a few enviable celebrity couples in the entertainment industry, they play in the public view of their happiness, today we talk about such a celebrity couple -- Lu Yi (actor) and Lei Bao .

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Since the campus "puppy love" two human decided life

Lu Yi (actor) andLei Baowere classmates at the Shanghai theater academy when their romance fell in love at first sight.

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Lu Yi (actor) once revealed the scene when I sawLei Baofor the first time. "eleven years ago, I metLei Baoin my first class when I was a freshman. She was tall, flirty, beautiful and gentle. I noticed her all the time that day. Alyssa Chia Restraint." It is this one that decides that the handsome boy will be with this girl all his life. As the classic line says, "it was meant to be."

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The predestined relationship led them to choose each other as partners in the sketch test at the end of the freshman year, rehearsing the sketch "puppy love". Although the plot is simple and the lines are not many, but often such a comedy is the most need for eye and body communication. Since then, they began their "passionate love". Starting from sophomore year,Lu Yi (actor)andLei Baobecame lovers.

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Career gap love is more mellow

After graduation,Lu Yi (actor)turned to" Never Close the Eye "Went viral, whileLei Baowas uneventful in her career, but the career gap did not open up the distance between the two, and even their love became deeper.

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Lu Yi (actor) has never concealed the fact that he has a girlfriend, and is generous in acknowledging Lei Bao's identity. Lu Yi's (actor) affection forLei Baocan be seen as a good man who is devoted and loyal.

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The sweetness of marriage comes from heredity

Lu Yi (actor) andLei Baomarried in 2006 and gave birth to their first daughter in 2008 Bell Nuntita A few years later, she had her second daughter, ye zi.

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Lu Yi (actor) andLei Baohave been together for more than 20 years, and both of them are still holding hands when they leave home, admiring many single dogs. Moreover,Lu Yi (actor)has been callingLei Bao"baby" till now. Is there any way thatLu Yi (actor)feels thatLei Baois his daughter's pet, with a lot of dog food coming to him?

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Lei Bao once revealed thatLu Yi (actor)is a very family-oriented and traditional man. They rush to get married when they fall in love. Lu Yi's (actor) "tradition" is influenced by his parents.Lu Yi (actor)'s parents are very affectionate. They almost never quarrel with each other. They are very affectionate. It seems that the love of lu family will be "hereditary".

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Love has changed into affection

Lu Yi (actor) and Lei Bao's ordinary life has been self-reported as "boring". They say their life is very simple. Even the stylist jokes that they are not like star families and their life is not rich. For their "boring life," both said they tried to learn more about life's "interlude" more than once. But it doesn't help.Lu Yi (actor)also means "something impressive, if anything, it must be unfortunate in life".

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For most people, a stable life is good, but over time, it can be boring. However, this is not the case forLu Yi (actor)and Lei Bao.Lei Baoonce revealed in the interview that blood is already thicker than water between her and Lu Yi (actor), and that love has already turned into family affection. And the two of them are increasingly similar, not only in appearance, but also in expression.

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Over the past 20 years, the two have been caught up in an affair and fought against the hidden rules. Their love is not as magnificent as the movie and TV drama, but it is true love with years of precipitation ~

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