Zhao liying people also ask' your time and mine 'to bring about sugar sprinkling craze

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Linkeddb News November 29& have spent It is jointly produced by glorious pictures, royal family yujia film and television, propaganda department of hubei provincial party committee, propaganda department of wuhan municipal party committee, hubei radio and television, top100 asset, yuheng film and television, yuwen film and television, simei media, Shanghai media, wuan communication, tiangong kaiwu film and television, xinyi film and television and youni film and television Zhao Liying , People also ask , Haoming Yu , Xiwen Cao , Meng Rui , Johnny Zhang , Lin Yuan , Fanfei liu Starring, Yiwei Zhou , Hawick Lau Friendship in the city sweet pet drama Your time and mine "Is playing, with the" report body "" Zhao Liying Act the role of) li zhicheng (People also ask to act the role of) share a bed together "of wait for tall sweet plot to continue to release, this drama heat remains high, good news is passed on frequently, record is remarkable. Ratings of dragon TV and zhejiang satellite TV have gone up all the way. The number of network broadcast is the highest. The number of microblog and chattering hot searches is constant.

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"Tilting city time" advance by leaps and bounds result is pleased person each road star qi recommends

"Your time and mine" since its inception has been popular with the audience, at present, the drama tencent video broadcast volume has exceeded 2.5 billion, dragon TV, zhejiang satellite TV kuyun national prime-time real-time ratings highest first, market share reached 6.04%, also occupy the first place in the country! With an average daily broadcast volume of 170 million consecutive 15 days to win the network TV network broadcast ranking champion, platform drama hot list for 14 consecutive days to sit on the top! Pick the plot progress at any time, the real-time discussion is in full swing, "Your time and mine" is breaking the trend of bamboo, swept the list! Since its premiere on November 12, "Your time and mine" has been searched on weibo more than 30 times. "Lin shaocheng recognized li zhicheng", "Lin shaocheng guessed and ate noodles", "chengcheng clocking wuhan" and others have made the list. "when did li zhicheng express his love" and "Lin shaozhicheng Sweet "is the contract hot search list of the top two, the drama related hot search words show the trend of the top! The topic # TV series Your time and mine #, with 1.4 billion views, occupies the top of the TV series list on weibo. It has been advancing by leaps and turns with great momentum. In addition, the series also received a warm response on platforms such as shuaiyin, zhihu, douban and netease cloud, among which "Zhao Liying" Set big stomach king ", "People also ask is love you", such as heat trill short video reached new highs, "People also ask to Zhao Liying makeup", "Zhao Liying People also ask the gym kiss" take turns on the trill hot search at the top of a list, including "Zhao Liying People also ask the gym kiss" heat up to 5.4 million more, "pious CP" daily cookies have maxed trill, Your time and mine is definitely a screen hog.

In addition to the list's impressive results and viewing data, Your time and mine has been recommended by various stars in the entertainment industry. Early stage Huang Bo , Hugo , Liu Shishi After competing to share, Lin shallow sincere high sweet interaction is also Luo Jin , Miao Pu , Wang Yanlin "And other entertainment stars forwarded, have shouted" sweet to bear ", attracted a large number of fans interaction, for this love attracted more attention.

"Tilting city" couples all send sugar big show love and sweet pet constantly

"Your time and mine" is adapted from the platinum writer Ding Mo The popular works, the original novel with its full and vivid story plot and high sweet spoil the emotional interaction of the majority of readers love. Since the premiere of the series, the sweet pet in the original "famous scene" has been the audience is very much looking forward to the highlight of the drama, and even appeared on the whole network to urge the sincere confession of the grand occasion. Last week, li zhicheng's personal statement received a warm response once it was released, which not only triggered a lot of discussion, but also attracted a large number of audiences to imitate it. In a short time, the emotional progress in the series has attracted much attention.

This week, not only did the "godly couple" officially hold hands in a show of gym interaction and sweet kisses, "just couple" Amak Chan (Meng Rui ) and Chen yayi (Lin Yuan), "weisi couple" ning weikai (Johnny Zhang) and Grace (Xiwen Cao is acted the role of) also unwilling to be outdone, love is interactive ceaseless! Amak Chan and Chen yayi "three years old type" love online, two people lips gun battle happy. Call each other "good grandson" and "grandma", "Chen bai" and "Chen hei hei", keen to choke on the two happy enemy successfully become the play's laugh point bear. < / p > < p > on the other hand, has been taking the line of love and killing "weisi couple" finally put down the edge to usher in the easing of the relationship, Grace slowly found that seems to be deep scheming, attacking the calculation of ning weikai has actually had their own bottom line and adhere to. Ning weikai hidden in the cold appearance of the gentle mind gradually make Grace off guard, two people's feelings are increasingly clear, is about to usher in a new development. Although the majority of CP's feelings in the play are progressing smoothly, there are still many obstacles between gu yanzhi and li jinyuan. Gu yanzhi's several confessions have not been successful. Gu yanzhi when does ability hold beauty to return after all, with li jinyuan join formally pour a city to send candy army? Let's wait and see.

In addition to the emotional advancement, the upcoming drama will also involve more career challenges. < / p > < p > ai da after joining Y fanxi although won 520 war, but the situation is still not optimistic: on the one hand, Y fanxi parachute new design director and Lin shallow-friction, Lin shallow-enough to consider resigning, ai da internal management crisis; On the other hand, ning weikai and Amak Chan join hands again, which will bring unknown external challenges to IDA. Will the situation of such internal and external worries have an impact on the feelings of "pious CP"? Leave the love of Lin shallow and what will happen? All the answers, do at 19:30 every day dragon TV, zhejiang satellite TV, 24:00 tencent video, iQIYI, you find out.

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