2018 Beijing-Shanghai Super Strawberry Music Festival popularity bursting big coffee gathered 嗨 turn the audience

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From April 29/30 to May 1, the 2018 Super Strawberry Music Festival was held in Beijing-Shanghai Twin Cities during the same period. For three days, the two cities set a total of 12 stages, 117 Beijing Strawberry Group musicians, Shanghai Strawberry Group 83 musicians, by alt-J, Tsai Chin (singer) , Edison Chen , Pu Shu , Dou Wei , Hebe Tien , Leah The luxurious lineup of heavyweight musicians including Dou , illion, Pao Yang, Li Zhi , Mizuno Mizuno, and the fin. made their debut on the stage and presented tens of thousands of music fans with audio-visual feasts of international standards.

Super Strawberry is not just a music festival, it is also a large-scale youth cultural festival. Outside the stage, the interactive installations and facilities surrounding the art installation space, a monkey flash shop, MeMe Plaza, meaningless competition, Young Blood Art, and mobile Joy City were unveiled as the grandest outdoor music event during May Day. The newly upgraded Super Strawberry has undoubtedly created a new history.

Overseas Artists Join Super Strawberry in International Music Festival

Whether it's Charli XCX , The Vaccines at the 2017 Shanghai Super Strawberry Festival, or The Prodigy or Disclosure at the 2016 Twins Super Strawberry Festival, the overseas heavyweight lineup has always been the highlight of the Super Strawberry Festival. 2018 Beijing-Shanghai Shuangcheng Strawberry ushered in alt-J, illion, water day, and the fin. Four groups of heavyweight overseas musicians. Among them, alt-J dances beautifully with the internationally leading technology and brings an extremely shocking performance to the two cities.

The three groups of Japanese musicians also have their own bright spots. Illion is a personal project of Yojiro Noda , lead singer of RADWIMPS. The performance scene is extremely rare. Yojiro's personal charm is unstoppable. Japanese Odyssey Days show a variety of styles, and the lead singer Kom_I's golden robe and the ancient typhoon typhoon left a deep impression. The fin. Innocent touring field full of Japanese bands, the combination of British and Japanese style genre received numerous praise.

At the same time, Modern Sky America Inc. infused Super Strawberry with North American cutting-edge music and invited five groups of musicians of different styles. Whether it is The New York Garage of The Mystery Lights, Punk Rejuvenation Trend, Liars' cloth Peter Drucker Im Ye-jin temperament rock, all-girl band Habib Faisal i's garage rock, Haley Heynderickx folk jazz fusion, or Junks synthesizer Creating retro pop music full of futuristic, let us peep into the independent music scene of another continent.

In addition to overseas musicians, Super Strawberry also planned and invited three groups of German artists to perform graffiti and field installation art creations by the Modern Sky German team. The world-famous graffiti artist Case Maclaim and Berlin’s renowned street art team Bosso Fataka and TAPE OVER, the artistic group that created the core of tape art, added more artistic sense and fashion sense to Shuangcheng Super Strawberry.

After a four-year return to the Royal Park in Beijing unprecedented strawberry

The Super Strawberry Music Festival in Beijing was selected at Pingyang Yuyang International Ski Resort. After a lapse of four years, it returned to its headquarters in Beijing. The Super Strawberry exhibited the highest standards in terms of musicians, stage, and surroundings. Pu Shu The final day of Beijing's strawberry, several golden songs with high communicative enthusiasm caused the whole scene to sing. Pu Shu almost cried in the shouts of the audience. Hebe Tien not only performed many masterpieces at the scene, but also sang "Southern Shannan," which impressed the audience. The appearance of Tsai Chin (singer) is undoubtedly the biggest highlight on the second day. The 60-year-old legendary singer said that he wants to be a new person in strawberry, not only creating an annual music event, but also predicting that strawberries will open up more possibilities. . On the third day, Dou Wei took a leisurely slam in the ranks of thousands of people and used a song called “The Golden Curse” to dominate the audience.

The Beijing Super Strawberry Music Festival has set a total of 7 stages to showcase its diverse style of music. For the first time, the Country Garden Strawberry Stage and the love stage double main stage concept have provided fans with more choices. The planet stage brings together many legendary musicians to demonstrate the heritage and iteration of the Chinese music scene. The MDSK stage and Al Walser IENWARE MSE stage focused on rap and electronic music trend culture. The first-introduction of the post-rock stage started the history of the rise of Asian music culture. People also ask FIER Rambler Young Blood to plan on the new stage to continue to focus on People also ask The fresh blood in the altar helps music people grow faster.

The MeMe Plaza, hosted by Modern Sky Magazine, is the gathering place for the most loving “Moli youth”. The meaningless competition carries out a series of absurd and meaningless competition events, breaks conventions and rules, and provides fans with more ways to play during the performance. The evening activities in the camping area are also very rich. Strawberry Night tells a unique novel story. The highly acclaimed mobile Joy City has solved the basic needs of “eat well” for the fans, and at the end of the festival it has no need to wronged its own stomach.

Shanghai Super Strawberry Fashion continues to enchant moments

Shanghai Super Strawberry Music Festival moved from the Expo Park to the Upper Beach Sports Commune this year, showing a new wave of fashion and style that is consistent with the city's temperament. Whenever the name of the Strawberry Festival is the loudest name, Edison Chen has a strong finale on the Strawberry Stage on April 30th. “There is a great deal, it doesn't matter!” Leah Dou, a super strawberry from Beijing 2016, once again appeared on the strawberry planet. It was undoubtedly the most touching moment when the rain was sitting at the stage and accompany the fans. When the prelude of Khalil Fong's "Love, Love, Love," sounded differently and the fans gave out surprises, memories of ten years came to mind.

At the same time, more lineups featuring Modern Sky's musicians show a complete picture of the country’s independent music scene in different musical styles, including painful, new pants, universal youth hostel, Xie Tian Xiao , the right to reinvent the statue, Li Zhi, Zhao Lei Musicians such as Tizzy T, Yico Zeng , Ma Di , Auntie , Zuoxiao Zuzhou, etc. all performed wonderful performances at the Super Fruit Festival in Shuangcheng.

The interactive experience of Shanghai Super Strawberry also shows a whole new youth lifestyle. The first cross-border art of the poet, comedian, and writer Li Dan was dedicated to the Strawberry Music Festival. Curated by Li Dan, the spacecraft designed by the “Great Sadness Universe” was placed at the Super Strawberry Music Festival in Shanghai and became a popular net red punching spot. The strawberry star people rushed to take photos with Li Dan’s Liberation at the door. Edison Chen “A monkey flash shop” not only sells tidal items, but also the flash shop has become a street shot for everyone. The TOP PUNCH sports area, where the trend movement and trendy music are integrated, plans a wide range of fun projects, and fans are challenged to stay on the stage with a sweat.

Promote environmental protection, support public welfare Super Strawberry to take more social responsibility

The Beijing Strawberry Music Festival reflects the concept of environmental protection at different levels. Bosso Fataka, a well-known street art team from Berlin, collected the trash that had been thrown away and created an art installation on the site that holds the branches. Young Blood Art has introduced ART TRASH, a giant device that combines an immersive experience device and a pop-up workshop to create a world full of bizarre and playful, noisy and absurd rubbish, and to guide fans to use trash for artistic creation.

The Beijing Strawberry Music Festival was far away from the venue and many fans encountered trouble with traffic jams. It is worth mentioning that the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Xiang Zhaolun chose to come to the Strawberry Music Festival on a bicycle ride. He traveled 70 kilometers with his friends and rushed to Super Strawberry to promote environmental protection. The traffic problem presents a low-carbon solution.

The Super Strawberry also particularly supported the “Conference with It·Large Public Charity Concert” public welfare project. Many musicians participated in it with a positive attitude. The “Together with it” volunteer team was established in 2009 as an animal protection organization aiming at saving stray animals and improving animal welfare. It is now the Chinese Social Assistance Fund and its peer public service program. "The public welfare concert" has been held for four times. All income is used to help stray animals.

The 2018 May 1st Two-Stage Super Strawberry Music Festival has a total of 12 stages. More than 200 groups of musicians are invited to perform and radiate in the two regions of North China and East China. It is the largest and most influential Super Strawberry Music Festival in China, and is also a national music fan. Very grand annual music carnival. After the successful completion of 2018 Super Strawberry, the Strawberry Planet will continue to run. From May 19 to May 20, the two cities of Xi'an and Chengdu Strawberry Music Festival will be held in the same period. We are not alone!

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