Beijing Women's Guide'' exposed city platform poster directed at Beiben women's emotional pain points and tears

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Co-produced by Youku Chupin, Xiongdi Media, and Dachang Media, Qi Wei ’s superb “ Beijing Women's Guide, ” starring May Wei , will be featured on the Youku platform on April 10th. This week's welfare upgrades, followed by the release of "Northern Women" group video interview and topical version of the notice, today also exposed 11 platform posters. In the form of a poster, the emotional life and self-transformation of the "Northern Girl" Qi Wei (Qi Wei) has been displayed for ten years, and people can not help expecting the official broadcast of the series.

The 11 posters on the platform were exposed and each poster was composed of Qi Wei and a male actor. The design of the poster is actually a mystery. The season, time, or scene in the background of each poster is different. This implies that the scene of the meeting between the woman owner and the man and the state of mind at that time also expresses each man from the side. Character image.

In the play, each unit has a specific male leader, including the first true love of sunshine, steady economical male, artistic male using dreams for the female, and self-professional Ma Bao male. The Lord and Himself each have their own twinkling points, and the way of expressing love is also varied. Therefore, the process of dealing with the female actor is naturally full of points of view. It is easy to arouse the audience's emotional resonance and reflections, and recalls their own period of time. Time.

This set of posters not only showed the audience the relationship between the female genre and the different types of boys in the play, but also positively demonstrated the advanced path of the female lord Chen Ke's ten years of “Bei Ben”. From the beginning of Beijing, with a rustic look of double horsetails and full makeup, to a simple white collar with a fresh makeup and simple ponytail, to a dazzling suit dressed in a large wave and walking in the bustling CBD. Chen can perfectly interpret the theme of this group of posters with his decade-long changes: Here, because of love and dissatisfaction. Chen Ke is a microcosm of millions of people who run north. Because the love of dreams and the dissatisfaction with the original life, the city in Beijing is constantly moving forward, or lonely or beautiful, and the constant is never stopping. The "Beijing Women's Guide" focuses on the Beiben women represented by Chen Kewei and shows his journey of transformation.

The overall appearance of the poster is in the form of a bus station. Mostly it is to tell all the Beiben girls: In the long journey of life, every station will meet different people, and some people will make you happy and some will make you lose. But don't forget that the meaning of life is to move forward.

The Beijing Women's Guide, a realistic drama series featuring independent Beiben women, will be broadcast on the Youku platform, starring Qi Wei, Essay Wang , Daxun Wei , Lung Chan , Chang Liu , Zhang Xiaoqian , Bo-Chieh Wang. , King Takashi is , Zhang Zixian , Zifeng Li , Gong Sunam , David Wang and many other performers. On April 10, you will not "keep" with you.

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