The premiere of the tv series full bloom of youth' sun letter macro is cold and heartless but sad about beauty pass

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Star connection news: reported by Tao Qiupu Directed, Zhang Meng (actress) , Dai Xiangyu , Jun - tao Cai. , Xiaodong Zheng , Sun letter macro The TV series Full bloom of youth It will air today.Sun letter macroplay the role of the Japanese army sergeant outstanding graduate school of Lu Ye, elegant appearance, he seems to love to laugh, but a cold smile never reach the fundus, cruel bloodthirsty he saw soul like dirt, and often in and instant kill in invisible, only in the face of a woman I love LiuMan, will show affectionate side.

Sun letter macro to the villain of the daliang & NBSP; Murder is like a plague but beauty is sad

The TV series "Full bloom of youth" tells the story of a group of patriotic heroes who are Full of passion and have great skills in fighting against foreign enemies and defending the country.Sun letter macroplays Lu Ye by the teacher matsui ( Tat - Wah Lok (played by) the call, responsible for the Chinese sniper special operations team, annihilating the anti-japanese forces.

Lu Ye is a very double-faced character. He is gentle and polite. He always smiles and seems to be easy to get along with. Only when facing liuman, he will be soft again and again, even heart, it can be said that "the world to the soft, gallop the world to the firm"!

Sun letter macro enraptured at the stage & NBSP; Perfect illustration of inner conflict

Sun letter macro, a graduate of the Shanghai academy of drama, chose to stay on stage and perform at the theater. From I, a disciple of the guild of shendiaoxian, to Hero does not cry The idle rich second generation of tang siaojing from The sparrow Chen shen, the leading actor in the film, went to YiGuanXiaoZhuan2 In the novel, beggar li decheng interprets every character with his delicate performance.

The TV seriesFull bloom of youthwill premiere today. In the play, Lu Ye is a person who is humble and harsh, soft and cold, which tests the performance ofSun letter macroand makes people look forward to this role more and more!

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