Canis Island' won the audience's affirmation Wes Anderson's aesthetics

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" Canis Island " won high praise from the audience Wes Anderson aesthetics

The Hollywood feature film “Canis Island” directed by Wes Anderson today revealed a “dog-watching” word-of-mouth video. The viewers who watched the movie in the video have given the film a high rating. The director Wes Anderson conquered a large audience in the unique aesthetic style of composition, color, etc., and gained their push in the interview. The feeling of persistence of the young boy and the dog in the film has also made many audiences who have come to watch it move. This dog's first dog film is being shown hot in major theaters across the country.

Wes Anderson aesthetic style conquers everyone Zhu Yawen Song Jia (actress, born 1980) "Dog" strength recommended "Canis Island"

As the "Master of Dreaming" Wes Anderson first introduced the domestic film, "Canis Island" has always been the audience's expectations. The movie theater was packed and the audience was fully involved in the viewing process. After the movie was over, everyone was more appreciative of the film. The audience focused on the unique Wes Anderson aesthetic, “symmetry of composition, high-saturation tones, and panning shots, I liked the director's art style, and I liked this story too”. There are also viewers marveling at the movie's unique dog perspective. “This movie is not an animation that everyone imagined. We haven’t seen this type of dog and human communication in different languages. There are Japanese and English.” There were viewers who were touched by the persistence of the boy and the dog. "We haven't seen such a warm movie for a long time. I've been very emotional because I have a dog and I'm involved in many dogs." "Very touching. As a frightened dog person, I would very much like to raise a dog after reading." The audience sincerely praised the recognition and love of this movie. Not only that, but everyone also expressed their desire to recommend the movie to the little ones around. One viewer’s blunt expression is that all the friends who want to recommend the movie to their own dog group and the other audience It means that you want to recommend the movie to an adult with childlike innocence.

In addition, Zhu Yawen and Song Jia (actress, born 1980), acting as promotion ambassadors for the film China, and dubbing the "leaders" and "bean pods" respectively, were also pleasantly surprised to see the audience and were intimate with the audience. In the interaction, the two people also recommended “Canis Island” on the spot with “dog language”. The unique and interesting communication method won the applause of the audience.

"Canis Island" opens a unique view of the film and television corner

The film "Canis Island" tells about the future city in Japan 20 years later. Because of the dog flu outbreak, all dogs in the city were exiled to a garbage island. When everyone abandoned the dog, a 12-year-old boy went to the trash island alone to look for his pet dog, where he met five characters: the leader, the monarch, the king, the boss, and the duke. Different dogs, and with their own hearts impressed the stray dog ​​"leader", and the dogs staged a fantasy adventure. Since the release of the film, the symmetry aesthetic style unique to the director Wes Anderson has been used to exquisitely elaborate picture production. The original unique perspective has won the enthusiastic discussion of the audience and the great recommendation of Weibo. The film opened a new view of the film and television corner. At the beginning, subtitles were used to indicate that all shit were translated into English, while humans used Japanese and no subtitles. This design allows the audience to stand more and watch the movie from the dog's perspective. In addition, the ultra-luxurious video dubbing also attracted a large number of fans. The English version of the film dubbed Bryan Cranston , “The Hulk”, Edward Norton , “The Little Sister,” Scarlett Johansson , Jeff Goldblum , “The Jurassic Park”, and Bill Mo in The Ghostbusters. Switzerland, Martin Burt Balaban , Tilda Swinton , Harvey Keitel , with " Lady Bird " won Academy Awards for best director nomination Greta Gerwig , and just with " Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri " won the Oscar for best actress Francis · Mike and more Mengde and other Hollywood coffee. The Mandarin voice dubbing also invited Zhu Yawen, the winner of the “Sound on the Scenes”, and Song Jia (actress, born 1980), the golden chicken award, and the final rendering effect was equally impressive.

The movie "Canis Island" is currently in hot release in the country.

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