“Agni” knife Daochu performers Common daisy amazing debut beauty so

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Costumed fantasy drama " Agni " by Vic Chou , Dilraba Dilmurat , Vin Zhang , Ruilin Liu starring, will be March 1, 2018 broadcast in Youku. The Melody tells the story of Dilraba Dilmurat, the heir to the volcano, and three men who play different important roles in her life: Crystal Lonneberg (Vic Chou) maple (Vin Zhang played), Ning Jing gentle jade from cold (Ruilin Liu played), because ten nine years ago Triad Underworld dusty past and with the involvement of scores whirlpool, started a love-hate Legends, thrilling, tangled abuse Strange love story.

《烈火如歌》刀冽香扮演者 Common daisy

In addition to Vic Chou and Dilraba Dilmurat handsome and beautiful non-Tucha point costume image, " Once Upon a Time " in the Common daisy will play the sword, incense, the world's sword-free city dignitary only daughter, and Zhanfeng is nominally Couples. Although it is the care of the little princess, but not weak and contrived. Common daisy costume style is also very beautiful, so that many viewers with this exotic Xinjiang sister.

《烈火如歌》刀冽香扮演者 Common daisy

"Agni" knife Daomo actor Common daisy Personal information:

Common daisy, born in Urumqi, Xinjiang, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 2011 undergraduate performance system, the Mainland film and television actresses. In 2014, starred in costume drama " Tong Di Di Ren Jie ", the official debut. In 2016, starred in costume fantasy drama "Once Upon a Time", because of the performance in the show began to receive attention. In May, starring costume fantasy drama " Xuanyuanjian of the Han cloud ." In 2017, starred in costume romance TV drama "Agni". In July, starred in the suspense film " Life and Death Whisperer Qin Ming ". In life, Common daisy like movies, music, love fashion, is a true talented woman. As a show beauty school beauty, has been very concerned about, was praising the goddess.

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