Liu Yan went on to swim more gracefully than she did on Oct. 1.

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July 16, 2018 star relationship news,Liu Yan (actress)A series of photos posted on weibo showed her in a fluorescent orange diving suit and wearing rabbit ears, comparing herself to the camera under the deep sea. She was cute and soft across the mirror. The weibo post attracted widespread attention from fans, who said, "she is still so lovely on the sea floor. ", "this little rabbit hat is really lovely, like you", "water rabbit? No, it's a mermaid

Liu Yan was a partnerWang Leehom,Victoria Song,Godfrey Gao,Karena Ng,Archie Kao,Julian Cheung,,Yuan Li,Wu JiachengThe film"Gu Jian Qi Tan flow Zhao MingLiu Yan starred as the domineering city Lord "shuming" and played Julian Cheung, who played the high priest "shen ye" in the film, which was officially released nationwide on Oct. 1. In early August, his partnerYang Yang (actor),Zhang Tianai,Wu Chun,Likun WangCo-starring in the TV seriesMr UniverseLiu Yan's "mu xian qian qian qian qian qian qian qian" will play a love-hate relationship with Wu Chun's "Lin luangtian". Another highly anticipated TV series,Back to the Ming Dynasty when Wang Ling Yang Ling was marchingLiu Yan's roles include "delorean" and "cheng qi yun"Jiang JinfuPlaying "Yang ling" from singing and dancing life love to the battle of the sand, it can be said that the fate of the suffering and suffering together. Liu Yan will also be the first domestic fantasy adventure film to feature a best-selling series of children's adventures based on the original fantasy of LeoMo DuoDuo Adventure Adventure"; cooperationMickey He,Shan LuCo-starring in the movieWhite wedding"; The other two films starring him are also in the post-production stage, expecting the actress Liu Yan to bring more excellent films and television works to the audience.

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