Siqin gaowa, who has been playing the leading role in the entertainment industry for decades, is now crying for her mother in a wheelchair.

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The public divides the actors into two types: the new generation of actors who are synonymous with "little fresh meat", and the older generation of actors who are the backbone of the drama.

Siqin Gaowa It's one of the best old drama bones. Whether an actor performs well or not depends on whether the image created by the actor is classic enough or not.


& have spent For example, people always remember mammy, but not many people remember her acting Mingqi Li .

People always remember pig eight quit, but not many people remember his acting Ma Dehua .

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Siqin Gaowa is also such a person. In the eyes of the older generation, she is tigress. RickshawBoy The characters in ".


When hard

People always say that 30 years ago,Siqin Gaowaproves this point.

Before the age of 30, they are accumulating. It is hard to achieve great achievements because they are not mature enough and experienced enough.

Siqin Gaowa was born In the army A man's family lost his father at the age of five.

Since she is the eldest in the family, she takes the most responsibility except for her mother. It is hard to live without my father, but these difficulties are absorbed by smart Siqin Gaowa, and her ability to do so is one of the reasons why she can succeed.


She picked up cow dung, picked up wild vegetables, and went diving far away alone. Many spoiled children could not compete with her.

Mongolian girls can sing and dance, and at the age of 13,Siqin Gaowahas become famous and joined the singing and dancing troupe at the age of 16.


In 1968, at the age of 18, he married a director and had a son and a daughter. During this time she was basically at home with the children. She was 26 when they divorced in 1976.


It hit her hard, too, and life seemed to return to a time of helplessness.

Thirty years and yet another setback

Then, in 1977, she met her second husband, ao xingchen. As her husband is also an actor, she also supports her career.

In 1979 AnxioustoReturn The film, which starred as the reasonable yuzhen, won the award for outstanding film of the year.Siqin Gaowaalso sacrificed a lot for this movie. In order not to affect the filming, she actually gave birth. In the following years, the film won many other awards for her and other actors' wonderful performances.


When she was 33, she took over the role of RickshawBoy, tigress. Until now, many people could not judge whether she chose this role, whether it was good or bad for her. Due to her excellent performance as Siqin Gaowa, she won the golden rooster award for best actress for her role. Siqin Gaowa, who won the award, became so famous that her husband was unwilling to live in the glory of his wife, so they chose to divorce


She suffered two failed marriages at the age of 33, which again hit her hard.

Turn ups and downs into momentum and move on

In 1984, shortly after her divorce, she starred in Homecoming "As Jane in mainland China. She was the first mainland actress to win the golden picture award.


She met her current husband in 1986 while filming "teeth of the moon." The work is very busy. True love can stand the test of time. She and her husband had known each other for less than a year before they married.


It was with such a husband that her acting career became more smooth. Later, he starred in the historical drama emperor kangxi as the empress dowager of xiaozhuang, and acted the legendary empress dowager.


In the same year in the The Big house feel "As the most difficult White text Shi, the journey of the heart is extremely bumpy, the experience is also very tortuous. The TV play is also one of her masterpieces.


In the following years, he starred in many TV series and movies. I was injured many times during the filming, which caused great damage to my body. But what she has gone through shows just how brave and dedicated she is. Therefore, she was able to win many international awards, which established her status in the Chinese entertainment circle.


She has been in power for decades, crying for her mother

At present, Siqin Gaowa, who is nearly 70 years old, is not in good health and can only rely on a wheelchair to get in and out of the entertainment circle.

I was invited to participate in the The Reader ", read "to my mother", and when she finished, she was in tears. She cried herself. It was reading aloud, but it also expressed her feelings for her mother. It is not easy for a mother without a husband to pull up her children.


Due to her poor health, she had to sit and read, but she was no less imposing than any other guest who read standing.

Time is cruel, what we can do for this respectable old drama bone is to wish her later life is not so bumpy, enjoy the quiet of the years.

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