Tencent video' flavor world 'opens' midnight snack storm' audiences are greedy 'roll in place for three minutes

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Linkeddb News November 27& have spent Produced by tencent video, the new food exploration documentary "flavor of the world" jointly produced by daolai media and penguin film and television has been broadcast for five episodes, with each episode of attractive food and contains a lot of praise for the culture. The fifth episode of the latest broadcast, "night rain of rivers and lakes", is the most popular night snack in the country to focus on the show, so that the audience to see the mouth, bluntly "can not stand, greedy cry", food carnival was pushed to a new climax.

Mustard red onion burst Australian cattle. JPG

     All kinds of midnight snack greedy crazy people & NBSP; The audience sighed, "the world is so big, I want to try it".

With previous set some of the wonders of nature, special food, to set up a 5 small lobster, chicken claw, hot pot, barbecue and other beloved night market food appear in front of the audience, a lot of people off guard suffered "snack crit," a netizen summary very reach the designated position "flavor of the world is absolutely spiritual jianwei xiaoshi tablets, whatever how much support can look hungry". Whether it's the color of the food, or the film's diners, it's hard to resist, everyone complained: "this episode is too much," "this is killing me," "I just roll around for three minutes that kind of want to eat," and even some people ordered a late night snack to ease the "flavor of the world" brought about by the "suffering".

In addition to the delicious temptation brought by the midnight snack, the emotions behind it also let many people feel empathy. Just as what is said in the film, "if breakfast is the conscience of a city, then the midnight snack is the soul of a city". The night snack culture of every city is so different and intriguing. No wonder some people say "the world is so big, I want to taste it" after watching it. And the firework gas that blows on the face, the human kindness with noisy human voice lets many people think of those who raise a glass to drink freely with the night of 3 or 2 good friends. Even though each city has a different midnight snack culture, the memory of the night snack is highly consistent, with some netizens lamenting that "this is the style of the Chinese version of late night dining hall".

Crayfish of all flavors. JPG

That tradition. JPG

Chicken oil carved steamed crab. JPG

A glimpse into the "night rain of rivers and lakes" in the kitchen of the changing restaurant of Chinese cuisine

Have the place of cate to have all corners of the country, "night rain of all corners of the country" after offering flavor, also uncover the story that little is known in the kitchen between schools, hind for everybody. The inheritance, iteration, collision and integration of Chinese food between father and son, between teachers and apprentices, and between schools. Through the experience of several chefs, we can peek into a little, and the vicissitudes of food "rivers and lakes" will open our eyes to the audience.

A crayfish hides a "red river's lake", the taste of the ever-changing, let people see the producers of this delicious adhere to and breakthrough. In the Chinese diet, inherited the relations and let school stands on the river's lake, let flavor from generation to generation, such as many people interested in that tradition, was its only, now see in the flavor room let everybody feel curious "finally met, want to try," the way almost lost in the name of the meat also because shicheng to continue carrying forward.

And in the kitchen of female boss Marlon Brando xi, the collision between two masters of sichuan and guangdong cuisine can be called the "huashan discussion sword" in the food industry. The same ingredients are cooked in different ways, and different schools of thought have given rise to a variety of flavors. But in addition to competition between the schools, the more important thing is to cooperate. At the peak of the dining season, the two chefs in the kitchen of more than 80 people are busy but orderly, each serving a dish in three seconds on average. Some audience members say that "this rhythm is too exciting, just like the war movie". Every person who makes and enjoys delicious food has a river's lake in his mind. The taste of it is just like the feeling of the audience that "river's lake is cold and warm, and the taste of food is leisurely."

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Wuhan burned chicken feet. JPG

Ring oil eel paste. JPG

The new food exploration documentary "flavor of the world" is produced by tencent video, which is jointly produced by daolai media and penguin film and television, and co-sponsored by carrefour, wanda plaza, huji flower peanut oil, dongfeng Citroen, master kong taste selection, and ingenious beer creation. The show is currently being aired on tencent video and zhejiang satellite TV, with an episode updated every Sunday at 21:07 PM.

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