“The play ”Leave the next stop" by Salicaceae, Li Xiaofeng, plays the elite show

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Urban emotional light comedy " Leave the next stop ", Hewei Yu played as the man of Qiuyang had two failed marriages, Qiuyang and Li Xiaoran played a summer of contract began a contract marriage, all kinds of contradictions followed. In the play, the former Salicaceae 's former company, Salicaceae , rehearsed and staged a female chase man's drama, in which Salicaceae stepped in to escalate the conflict. Even the Salicaceae, which has a high level of salesmanship, made a lot of laughter in the process of recovering Qiuyang. Then the love war was opened!

 Leave the next stop

The Salicaceae played by Li Xiaofeng is the predecessor of Qiuyang, and is also the leader of the summer festival played by Li Xiaoran. The IQ value is both high. The Salicaceae and Qiuyang in the TV series “Leave the next stop” are inconsistent because of the three views, but the Salicaceae look When Qiuyang was in full bloom in the middle of the summer, she felt uncomfortable when Salicaceae appeared to be complex.

"Leave the next stop" Salicaceae Is the ending with Qiuyang?

The TV series "Leave the next stop" revolves around the love story between Dr. Midsummer and the overbearing CEO Qiu Yang. The summer in which Li Xiaoran played is emotionally blank, but Qiuyang has had two failed marriages. Yang and the summer were finally together, but the appearance of the predecessor still created a lot of trouble.

《 Leave the next stop 》 Salicaceae 扮演者 Li Xiaofeng

In particular, Salicaceae played by Li Xiaofeng is a double doctor of the Department of Medicine. He is an elite talent. Salicaceae, in order to stay with Qiuyang, gave up the superior conditions for returning to China. However, because of his ideas and other reasons, he broke up with Qiuyang. When you see your former predecessor and you are falling in love, you want to reconnect with Qiuyang. Although Salicaceae tried every means to restore Qiuyang, the outcome was still unsuccessful!

“Leave the next stop ” Salicaceae Player Li Xiaofeng Personal Information:

Li Xiaofeng, born in An Yu Hui Province, graduated from Chengdu University of Technology, actress and presenter in Mainland China. In 2006, Li Xiaofeng began to host the Anhui TV variety show "The Wind of Action". In 2008, he participated in the suspense to detect the comedy Magistrate Ye GuangMing . In January 2013, he won the Golden Star Award for Television Awards. In the first half of 2014, he hosted the talk show “Dear Friends” and in August starred in the urban emotional drama “ Sweet and sour little husband and wife ”. In September he starred in an urban living comedy " I'm North drift when my children and grandchildren ". In 2015, he starred in the romantic comedy film Love, AtFirst . In 2016, Idol Legendary Opera " OiKynighoi ". In 2017, he starred in the movie " Youth ."

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