It's 1229 tong dawei premiered as the prodigal son.

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Linkeddb News November 14& have spent by Maggie Yu Directed, Zhang Yibai The executive producer of the film "mobile phone ring" announced yesterday that it will be released on December 29, and for the first time released photos and a trailer for "mobile phone is a knife". Adapted from douban top score film of the year A Perfect Stranger ", about Tong Dawei , Li Ma , Ming Xi , Shan Qiao ,Tian yu -, Huo Siyan , Dai Lele During a dinner party, seven friends Shared all their mobile phone information, exposing each other's secret thrills. In the exposed materials, Tong Dawei subverts his previous looks and makes his first appearance as a flamboyant figure with sloping bangs and foam head, which is quite a bit of a prodigal talent. However, his intimate interaction with Ming Xi and intense conflict with the public are even more inspiring, leading to a soaring expectation.

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Tong Dawei oblique liu hai bubble head exposure subverts turn into a philandering man

"Mobile phone ring" released a panoramic photo, seven friends gathered around a table, the spotlight, the clash of the public phones are held in the center, Tong Dawei in front of the old nokia in the face of a uniform smart phone, but also for the mobile games set up by the highlights. In the trailer, Tong Dawei appears with lollipops, exaggerated curly hair, finger tapping on a can, and masterful micro-expression, all conveying the "mixed and generous" temperament that is totally different from the previous image. Between cups and cups, Tong Dawei kisses Ming Xi on the back of his hand and takes away her phone, saying the rules of the game: "everything in the phone should be heard and watched together, only tonight".

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Cell phones? Tong Dawei called for putting down mobile phones to communicate more

In the trailer, with the conversion of music, the atmosphere becomes more subtle with ease. Tong Dawei even has a fierce conflict with tian-yu, Shan Qiao and Li Ma. People are opposite to each other. What sparks will seven actors collide? Expect it!

It is understood that the film is in line with the current practical significance, which is also an important reason for Tong Dawei to join. Tong we previously had said in the interview, the invention of the mobile phone is for the convenience of the connections between people, now it has become a hinder people face to face communication obstacles, like friends, everyone brush head phone, face-to-face chat become one build what did not build, hope that through this film, some thinking for all.

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