Swinging' broke the 1.5 billion hit rate on the line Huang Ming is known as the viewing of Fuxing

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" Swinging " broke the 1.5 billion hit rate on the line and Huang Ming was called "Fantasy Swinging" for a week. This week's topic on Swinging has occupied almost every day. Among them is Huang Ming who plays the role of Swinging's brother. The top ten in the search for Lian Deng has become a new generation of "net red explosion models." With the development of the plot, everyone's hot points began to shift from the problem of the masters' slag or not to the slag. The conversation began with the topic of the grieving father and brother. In less than a week's time, the redness of the role of the great brother and brother was also broadcast. Never thought of before. Basically, this role is that although "there are insufficient people, but the heart" is not difficult for good people to play, but it is difficult for bad people to play well. This is what Huang Ming has done. The elder brother is facing the eternity problem of choosing love or bread. At that time, it was still a difficult task. It required Swinging to do tricks and greet the unruly sister-in-law. The tangled inner feelings of the big brother and the unwilling interpretation of Huang Ming were in place. Such an online acting was not an immediate one. Before the introduction of Swinging, Huang Ming had 13 years of acting as a veritable “old opera bone.” Even more surprising is that he played a fire on every show. Drama explosions are the hidden blessing stars for years. In 14 years, he co-starred with Tiffany Tang and Wallace Huo on " Perfect Couple " and won the most popular TV drama of the China University Student TV Festival and Ichiyi's annual Chinese TV drama. In collaboration with Liying Zhao and Zhang Han , starring in the TV series “ Shanshan came ”, the drama won 2014 Jiangsu Satellite TV ratings, scored 7.2 in Douban, and received a good reputation. In the 15 years of collaboration with Tiffany Tang, Li Yifeng and William Chan , " LegendofFragrance " continued to hold the top spot in the same period. The four- year-old martial arts drama “ Four juvenile capture ” played in collaboration with Zhang Han, Yang Yang (actor) , and Mickey He for 15 years continued to hold the top spot in the same period. In June of the same year, they starred in Yang Yang (actor) and Li Yifeng’s “ Tomb Notes”. 》 With a clickthrough rate of 2.9 billion, this drama is more than a breakthrough in the number of online broadcasts of the year. It is amazing! In 18 years, he worked with Mini Yang , "Swinging" as the big brother of Swinging Youth, and he used his outstanding acting skills to ignite the topic list. The current week's online click rate has exceeded the 1.5 billion mark! In the second half of 18 years, Huang Ming’s major series of major plays have to meet with the audience one after another. Among them, “Ruyi Biography” starring Xun Zhou and Wallace Huo is even more impressive, with dozens of acting performers in the same field. It is exciting to think about it. It is even more difficult to have this viewing Fuxing. Let's look forward to it. Huang Ming brings you more surprises.

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