Guo tao (actor), who planned the press conference for the public benefit of poverty alleviation through the millennium

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Star relation news: Saturday (August 25) evening 22:00, by the dragon TV, yi ju le nong, sina weibo joint production, fight duoduo titled "we in action" the second season of the second phase will be broadcast. The last phase of aid-the-poor public welfare ambassadors were shocked by the strict selection criteria and high quality control requirements after visiting and personally experiencing the picking and packaging of the melons. After learning about the dilemma faced by the melon industry in batu, the second phase Guo Tao (actor) , Wang Jingchun , Rong Chen, , Madina Memet , Make Yuan Five public welfare ambassadors will take concrete actions to open up the export of poverty alleviation, and work with Shanghai aid personnel in xinjiang to contribute to the "west fruit to east" retention of melon.

Madina Memet urged melon farmers not to be trusted for their charitable actions

& have spentWang JingchunandMadina Memetvisited the melon farmers who had the technology of small arched shed and got the technical support of building small arched shed. But in persuading 25 village melon farmer process, everybody discovers this action is not as simple as imagined.

Rong Chen andMake Yuanwent door to door to find melon farmers, passing on the idea of planting melons with new techniques and inviting everyone to join them. "The existing planting methods in 25 villages are vulnerable to natural disasters," says Rong Chen. "small arched roof technology can help people reduce risks and increase profits. But one melon farmer refused: "there is too much upfront investment in small vaults, I still stick to the traditional planting, do not want to take the risk."

In order to turn around the idea, the goodwill ambassador went to Guatemala and set up a small arched hut for demonstration. Public-interest ambassadors move materials and dig the fields to sow their seeds, but the villagers, who do not easily gather, do not want to help. Madina Memet, who has the language advantage, persuaded the melon and farmers who are watching in xinjiang that "only by helping each other and working together can we become rich and unite together with great strength!" But the melon farmers on the scene did not budge, still hesitating not far away, they do not believe that the stars do not want to be paid to xinjiang, to promote the bachu county free of charge to stay melon. What can ambassadors do to address the crisis of trust in their public service?

Wang Jingchun has been in the sun for five hours andGuo Tao (actor)is planning a journey

Action is the best evidence, but building small vaults is no easy task, and pro bono ambassadors work their way through them under the guidance of experts. Carrying bundles of materials,Wang Jingchunturned to the delivery of the next wave of materials, which he spent five hours in the hot sun.

Guo Tao (actor), on the other hand, as the honorary village director, after a field visit to the weitouguo scenic spot, put forward that "gushoutou country is right on the ancient silk road, where we can do a release conference to promote the brand of liuxiangguo melon. The theme is called" liuming silk road, xiang chuan millennium "".Wang JingchunandMadina Memetplayed the king and queen respectively,Make Yuanplayed the business secretary,Guo Tao (actor)was the etiquette official,Rong Chen,was chang 'an merchants, and local villagers also cameo.

Poverty alleviation is under way. Can goodwill ambassadors gain the trust of the melon farmers and successfully promote the small arch technology? Time travel through the launch of the millennium can successfully launched the brand of babu luxiang melon? This Saturday 22:00, lock dragon TV "we are in action", the answer to you!

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