Saved' is about to be turned on.

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JPG, Eddie Peng training photos

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Linkeddb News November 2 & have spent Recently, the directorDante lamPost a group on weibo Eddie Peng Beach training photo, adding: "@eddie Peng sunshine, beach, training, which one do you choose?" Eddie Peng responded humorously, "practice makes perfect," with a picture of himself running happily along the coast. The pair are reportedly working together on a new film, Saved The golden couple have been training in preparation for the film, and Internet users say they can't wait to see it released, even though the film hasn't started shooting yet.

Eddie Peng seaside training. JPG

High-intensity high-density multi-skill training & NBSP; Eddie Peng presents steel will for the new film

The director previously revealed in an interview that the movie "Saved" is a movie about the rescue operation at sea, and the actors need to have a complete grasp of the rescue skills on water while interpreting the characters' characters. So before the movie officially opened, all the actors, including Eddie Peng, went through intense, demonic training that covered everything from scuba diving to nighttime rescue training. According to the photos, apart from the necessary physical training, Eddie Peng has also been exposed to the sport of frisbee, which is both confrontational and flexible. Eddie Peng, whose hand had been accidentally scratched by a frisbee, is in good shape with a photo of his "desperate, desperate" attitude. The fans are crying and caring Eddie Pang Don't forget to be safe while practicing with all your heart and soul.

All the Zhi Zhou "Director Lin chaoxian is very good at exploring the potential and explosive power of actors to the extreme. Eddie Pang said in an interview that he was looking forward to working with Lin chao-hsien on his fourth project. "things like breaking the wind are tough, but they are exciting. I hope this collaboration will improve and make the director more exciting," he said.

The behind-the-scenes lineup is upgraded & NBSP; Lin chaoxian's new work is highly anticipated

The production of "Saved", China's first maritime rescue and salvage project, is scheduled to begin shooting in mid-november. From" Operation Mekong "To" OPERATION RED SEA Director Lin chaoxian is already familiar with the realistic theme, but he admits that "Saved" will be a new breakthrough, a new challenge and a new start for himself. But I believe that the performance of "Saved" will be even more shocking than "OPERATION RED SEA", with the effect doubling. I hope to make another theme in the Chinese film that you have not seen before.

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For the RapidFire As for Eddie Peng, from "broken wind" and "Operation seasoned", Lin chaoxian also gave a very high evaluation: "Eddie Peng is very desperate and dedicated, with strong self-control and is an actor who is willing to constantly challenge his own limits. I hope this time to present a different Eddie Peng to everyone."

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