Xu zheng (actor) zhang ziyi was accused by xu zheng of being a' wallflower 'for his performance in a dispute over the performance of qingzi kan.

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Xu Zheng (actor) Zhang Ziyi Due to the Qingzi Kan Xu Zheng (actor) accused the public of "being a wallflower"

With the first season of "the birth of the actor" in the heat, ushered in the second season. In addition to the title of the show becoming "I am the actor", under the banner of "interpretation changes, quenching into gold", the tutors' team also has a great adjustment.Zhang Ziyiwon the championship last season, and this season is also a glorious return. This time, we have the brother Xu Zheng and uncle bo. Wu Xiubo "Two join in, mentor team also became one of program highlights.

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Recently, the popular variety show "I am the actor" the second broadcast, there Yiwei Zhou Return, wife Viann And Taiwan's first temperament outstanding student beauty Chun - Ning Chang The drama together withZhang Ziyiand the dispute with shan became the biggest attraction of this period, which aroused the audience's appetite.

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First of all, video, Chen Kaige Directed by myself, "" the brilliant red." " It starsZhang Ziyiand Zhang Ziyi Du Chun Zhang Ziyi's acting skills are not to mention. Du Chun, with Beijing flavor, surprises many people and makes the audience shine. Another role, of course, is Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Ziyi's favorite actor of the last season, and the winnerYiwei Zhoucomes in. Although he is basically speechless, the last roar, full of emotion, makes the character rich and three-dimensional. No wonderZhang Ziyihas been supporting him.

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Then,Viannmade her first appearance as a newlywed and had a big scene with chun-ning Chang, Taiwan's most beautiful woman. The two played "EighteenSprings" together. As a college-educated student, chun-ning Chang won Viann's performance with three votes. WhenZhang Ziyicommented on Viann, she said, "you have already made your feelings clear, but you may have almost made your feelings clear. AsZhang Ziyiput it,Viannwas also convinced.

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Then flow floretQingzi Kanand Lu Xu Against the Zhou Dongyu Ma Sichun " Soulmate ". In this performance,Qingzi Kanplays July andLu Xuplays ansheng. Until recently,Qingzi Kanbroke up with Yang Yang. This time she showed her purpose, because many people know her, not because she is an actor, want to let everyone know:Qingzi Kanis an actor.

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Qingzi Kan andLu Xuthis piece of deduction, the tutor is simply a good play. First of all, uncle bo said, "thank you very much. Both children are very engaged. He wants to go back and see the film.Zhang Ziyisays he strongly disagrees with uncle bo.Zhang Ziyibluntly: Qingzi Kan, you come here, you come what? She also points out a detail about Qingzi Kan. You get a lot of money out of your bag and throw it away. Mountain brother dare not agree with, argued vigorously, express their views. He saidQingzi Kanwhat you're doing today is really great, actors have psychological support and so on.

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Zhang Ziyi andXu Zheng (actor)both start from themselves and express their views. The two argue over his performance in Qingzi Kan. Finally, uncle bo said again, go back to the movie first. I don't believe you, brother of shan, against uncle bo. The fight, which ended withLu Xufeeling ill after drinking alcohol, was called a gong dou drama. To be honest, I'm an actor is as good as it's ever been. Editor looking forward to weekly updates.

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