Ordinary glory' reveals' professional life 'by mark chao bai jingting

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Star connection September 20It was produced by cool distribution, Xing Lv Directed, Mark Chao , Bai Jingting , Bridgette Qiao Starring, Daxun Wei Starring, Zuo who , Chang, Liu, Cameo, Hanchen Pang , Zhang Zixian , Ping Hao , Ho ắ Chinh Ng ạ c n Starring in the realistic workplace drama Ordinary glory ", following the "job" version of the stills today, the same theme. The nearly 2-minute video takes advantage of the career stories experienced by the characters in the play, reflecting the images of strivers in the modern era and paying tribute to ordinary people through their struggles.

Based on reality, urban office workers' sincere emotions arouse their feelings in the workplace

Ordinary glory is set in the international financial center of Shanghai. Based on the story of the urban working population represented by wu xiaozhi (Mark Chao) and sun yiqiu (Bai Jingting), it lays out a real and pure career path. The characters in the drama are the epitome of millions of struggling people in cities. They face up to all kinds of difficulties in their work. And the workplace all living beings, each person is along their own path to move forward with the goal, harvest their own glory.

In order to restore the real and pure workplace, the crew rented real office buildings in Shanghai for real shooting. Under the night, the employees in the drama are still busy in the office, and behind them are the same brightly lit office buildings, under the light of the real life hard-working urban professionals. In addition to restoring the real office scene in the production, the play also conducted in-depth research and discussion on the real-life workplace plight, rendering a pure workplace atmosphere. And the leading role of being berated, isolated, and the road ahead of confusion is precise in the workplace pain points of urbanite, theOrdinary glory"refused to pile suspension, empty feelings, intended to use close to the reality of the lens to show different identity, different qualifications bitterness and spirit together in the workplace, thus stimulate the audience's workplace empathy.

The group game causes the audience to expect to pass the positive energy of happiness with trust

In the trailers, the Shanghai bund at the beginning of the Lantern Festival kicked off the trailers. Sun yiqiu, a new rookie, got off to a tortuous start in his work in autumn As he accepted the lash of reality, he clenched his teeth and swam upstream. Wu jike, the leader of the three groups, is under pressure from both top and bottom. As a department leader, he knows the importance of teamwork and must work together with his subordinates. In this process, wu ke's attitude towards sun yiqiu has also changed dramatically, from rejection to acceptance, from strangeness to unity, even at the time of its injustice to stand up, which fully demonstrates the due sense of justice and responsibility of a leader. How does sun grow in adversity, what efforts he has made to gradually gain recognition, and what career path he has taken to change wu's view of sun's autumn and make them both teachers and friends. What is not revealed in these films has aroused the audience's full desire to watch TV. In addition toMark Chaoand Bai Jingting, Bridgette Qiao, Daxun Wei, Zuo Xiaoqing,Chang, Liu,and other leading actors also show their talent in the film. Among them are new hires like an qian yi (Bridgette Qiao) and hao shuai (Daxun Wei), and yu wenli (Zuo Xiaoqing), a management figure who has spent years in the workplace, painting a realistic portrait of the workplace.

Ordinary glory not only focuses on the struggles of small people, but also carefully depicts the team spirit. Wu xiaoke and sun yiqiu learned to be tolerant and understanding through constant collision and grinding. They grew up together in mutual support and became the most trusted partner of each other. The destiny of people is closely connected under the same roof. To fight alone is not the survival rule of the workplace, neither is the responsibility for success or failure of one person. Communication and cooperation based on trust is the most fundamental workplace strategy, which perfectly shows the spiritual connotation of the play -- "success comes from mutual trust". The core of "Ordinary glory" is not limited to the on-the-job struggle. While describing the thousands of "professional staff and professional staff" horizontally, it does not forget to deeply explore and eulogize the shining points of Ordinary people, show the valuable interpersonal relationships in the workplace, and convey the positive energy of happiness with warm and simple brush strokes.

It is reported that the play is about to be finished, and we believe "Ordinary glory" will give audiences a satisfactory answer.

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