Xiaoqi ai, medical examiner dr. qin survivor, perfect closing bell, “a tear drop”, excellent performance.

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Star connection September 17Written by "pro-mother" qin Ming as the chief scriptwriter Medical Examiner Dr. Qin Survivor "Finished last week. The most reductive "professional forensic drama" in history has also been praised by many netizens, including the "bell" for the first time. Xiaoqi Ai The bell, as the lead and the soul, is impressive.

Click to see: Medical Examiner Dr. Qin Survivor

"A tear drop" acting has the appearance level actual strength school

It is said that crying drama is a standard to test one's acting ability. When the 28th episode of "wang yanli" showed his heart to "qin Ming" and revealed his secret which had been buried for 10 years, the whole drama ushered in a small climax. Xiaoqi Ai's performance of "a tear drop" was a textbook level. This "tear drop" not only made the audience heartache, but also witnessed her acting strength.

Koi CP is sugar sprinkling The open ending is expected

Qin Ming's official couple, cq, also met everyone's expectations and gave everyone a wave of dog food in the finale. The ending was subtle but full of sugar, andXiaoqi Aiheld the bell in the right place. The open ending made the audience think about it a lot, which made people look forward to it.

Next,Xiaoqi Aiand Lu Yi (actor) , Amber Kuo Co-production of the new play by Ming Zhang Chen, The director's "taste of love" is also about to meet the audience. Another new film with the Hong Kong team and a host of Hong Kong actors will be released later this year. Xiaoqi Ai is also looking forward to the director Zhou Lin Hao The next collision of the triangulation.

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