Jing Tian ZhangJike get the certificate and have children? Jing Tian refutes the rumor that there is no time.

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Jing Tian,ZhangJikeGet a license to have children?Jing Tian,refutes the rumor that there is no time

Recently, it was revealed by netizens that Jing TianZhangJikehad registered marriage, and the woman's birthday or marriage certificate could be posted, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year. According to netizens, Jing TianZhangJikeand Jing TianZhangJikehave registered for the certificate and are ready to publish their books on July 21st, the birthday of Jing Tian. The couple have been in touch with the media and will be married by the end of the year, if not by accident. The news shocked many netizens. Jing Tian's staff responded to this, and the other side replied, "fake, she doesn't have time for filming."


Jing Tian was born in xi 'an, shaanxi province on July 21, 1988. She graduated from Beijing film academyJackie Chan,When she was waiting for someone to shoot the film together, the movie department she starred in was full of big names, and the production of the film department was very expensive. Netizens could not help but wonder thatJing Tian,must have a strong background.



ZhangJike, the seventh grand slam player in the history of table tennis, is also the third grand slam player in the history of Chinese men's table tennis. In January 2003, he entered the national team. In September, he won the finals of the New Zealand open, the world junior tour. In 2009, he won the first world champion in the World Cup team competition.



When the two are in a sweet public relationship, netizens have also sent sincere wishes. The match between the world champion and the goddess of show business is romantic as set in the novel.



As for their marriage, netizens still show a wait-and-see attitude, no match, only right or wrong, out of the country to fight for glory, I hope you are here when I go home. I hope the good news comes earlier.

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