Deer 's Seven Wife magazine blockbuster: Zhang Yishan blessing big

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With the end of the holiday, the shooting date of the new edition of “ Ludingji ” has gradually approached. In recent days, the network exposed seven large-scale magazines of Wei Xiaobao’s seven wives. In the picture, the seven beauty is not only beautiful, but also beautiful. There is a unique charm, a hundred flowers bloom, there is a netizen to play the role of Zhang Xiaoshan in the play Wei Xiaobao said: This is your next big blessing, really want to see the episode broadcast soon!


The image of Zhang Yishan's bad boy suddenly became tender

The actor Wei Xiaobao in the new edition of “Luding Ji” will be played by Zhang Yishan. The seven wives will be played by Zi Yang as Auntie, Qin Li as Fang Yi, Yi Xin Tang as Mu Jianping, RachelMomo as Zeng Rou, and Wu Ta-You. Plays Jianning Princess, Raquel plays Su Shi, and Bai Baihe plays double. In the exposed magazine blockbuster, Yayi's breathless Zhang Yishan rushed to the front cover of “Jia Renmei” with a pop of bubble gum. The bad boy's image was instantly softened.

Zi Yang, who plays Auntie, is on the cover of COSMO magazine. Dude plays a temptation to seduce the seduction of a light mature woman. Retro and modern children love the streets of Paris. Zi Yang perfectly manages the fashion look of different styles and successfully criticizes the hearts of fans. Play as Fang Yi's Qin Li on the cover of “Fashion”. In the blockbuster, Qin Li's sleek and feminine lines are full of simple light and shadows, and they are modern and beautiful.

Seven beautiful and beautiful flowers

Yi Xin Tang, who played Mu Jianping, appeared on the cover of “Baza Jewellery”. In the shot, Yi Xin Tang is just like a laughing elf. He has a delicate face, clear eyes and a sharp eye. “Yi Qi” is full. Variety of temperament. Rachel Momo, who played Zeng Rou, climbed the cover of “Rui Wei” and put on the colorful colors of the early spring. The retro style was sometimes sweet and playful, giving people a breath of spring.

Wu Ta-You and Zhang Yishan, who play Jianning princess, also came on the cover of Jia Mei Mei Zhuang. They tied up a small Maruko's head. Their makeup was sweet. The pear vortex smile was warm and pleasant. Their shapes were playful and lovely. Can be casual fashion chick, Wu Ta-You fashion degree out. Raquel who plays Su Shi is on the cover of “Men's Clothing”. He is wearing a bikini and holding a big lobster. He is not only full of creative but also a big hot sexy figure with a lot of temptation. Bai Baihe who played double children boarded the "Ruili Iraqi Fashion" magazine. A variety of styles were randomly selected. Rivets and laces were easily controlled, and short hairpins were staged with grace.

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