Write a poem for you' kenji wu incarnates' bei pi xiao wu 'to chase goddess and dog race

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Star connection September 28by Kenji Wu Directed and acted, zhou still, zhou keyen, su shi wei, Chou PeiPei Starring, Chang Pen - yu A special film, "write a poem for you," has been announced for November 02, the first timeKenji Wuhas directed it, and it has been in the spotlight ever since. The film tells the story of Kenji Wu's Chen shijie's unexpected return to college. The fancy way of pursuing love is hilarious. Recently, the film released a new series of "for love to be stupid" series, the several leading actors all appeared, painting fun, characters and emotional entanglements are also emerging.

New photos ofKenji Wushow a race between a goddess and a dog

The exposure is full of stories of Chen shijie, played by Kenji Wu, facing off with zhou dawei, his romantic rival, while Chen, who is still played by zhou, stands in the crowd and looks at Chen with a puzzled face. In another scene, water-fearing Chen shijie holds the high board tightly and tries to challenge himself in hesitation. As the picture turns, the soaked Chen appears in another scene with an angry face. It is curious to know whether he has successfully broken through himself or not. In the film, Chen shijie finds that his heart rate can be accelerated to 160 to travel, in order to go back to the past to pursue the goddess, he did a series of silly things, challenge himself again and again, all kinds of stimulant drink big mix, with the dog race won the champion... With the help of many good friends, I have done countless crazy silly things for love. Chen shijie is funny and lovely, for love is silly, small zhen is pure and fresh and handsome, the image is handsome, an unconventional love movie male handsome female beauty routine, it is expected that they will bring what kind of unique story.

Kenji Wu returns to his silly self as his heart RACES

Kenji Wu, who directed the film for the first time, said they were just a bunch of silly people, "" riding bikes, riding the subway, experiencing life in Beijing and often taking lessons from other directors" "for filming. He felt that the director could not be divorced from reality. Art comes from life. The movie I want to make, hopefully, is something that will make people feel good about it." Some unique love scenes in the film are also carefully designed to bring the audience a new feeling. It is also believed that when watching the movie, the audience will think of many stupid things they have done for another TA, and the one who makes their heart beat faster.

The film "write poems for you" by Beijing jiaying spring film co., LTD., and qunwen chuang entertainment co., LTD., zhejiang Jiang Tian, Produced by Italy film and television limited. Co-produced by huaxia film distribution co., LTD., Beijing jiaying culture media co., LTD., kashi jiaying culture media co., LTD., and six degrees space music co., LTD.

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