Ashton chen's background is strong enough to make jet li and baowang qiang feel bad about themselves.

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Those of you who were born in the 80s and 90s are definitely right Ashton Chen, Very familiar.Ashton Chen,entered the stage of acting as a child star. During her childhood, she starred in many well-acclaimed movies and was deeply loved by adults and children.


Ashton Chen took the comedy kung fu route in his childhood. When he brought joy to the audience, he also gave a very wonderful martial arts action. Every character he played was a bit of a hero, and now he's grown up, but he's gone out of the show business, and very few works have been written.

Many stars have a jaw-dropping background, and so does Ashton Chen. His background is amazing. Now that the Internet has developed, someone has exposed Ashton Chen's 20-year background. Compared with other child stars, he is more than just a child star. His background is so strong Jet Li and Wang Baoqiang Dare not provoke easily.


Ashton Chen has a good martial art since he was a child, because he entered the shaolin temple to learn martial arts at the age of two. After studying martial arts at the shaolin temple for three years,Ashton Chen,joined the shaolin temple at the age of five Jimmy Lin, We worked together on a project called ShaolinPopey "The movie, and then with Ng Man tat - , Adam Cheng, In "the ShaolinPopey2: MessyTemple ", the film has earned 200 million yuan in Taiwan since its release. 200 million yuan is a tiny fraction of today's box office.

Years later, someone picked up Ashton Chen's background on the Internet, and many people found out that his background was really hard.


His name was Chen xiaolong, and his father's name was Chen xiaolong Chen with the mountain Kungfu gaoqiang is the headmaster of the martial arts school.Ashton Chen,loved martial arts from an early age and was naturally influenced by her father.

Ashton Chen's master was the master of the shaolin temple. He got the true story of the master and learned the true kung fu taught by the master.


Many of the action stars have actually been at shaolin, fromJet Lito Wang Baoqiang. Compared with Ashton Chen,Wang Baoqiangstarted martial arts at the age of 6, four years after Ashton Chen. At the age of eight,Wang Baoqiangstudied martial arts at the shaolin temple and later went on to become an actor in hengdian, zhejiang province Feng Xiaogang Take a liking to, acted in AWorldWithoutThieves Since then, he has been a hot star.


Ashton Chen andWang Baoqianghave both studied martial arts in shaolin temple. If they are divided according to their generations,Ashton Chen,has a high generation.Wang Baoqiangis a junior to Ashton Chen.


As we age,Ashton Chen,in adulthood will gradually fade out the entertainment industry, Ashton Chen's appearance level is not low, raw heavy is good looks, compared with the current small fresh meat, more than a minute masculine fierce breath, with Wang Baoqiang, he not only grow handsome, kung fu is very good, so no matter from which aspects, if he is not the way to complete their studies continue to struggle in the film and television, can rushes out a slice of heaven and earth. In recent years, I have also been performing some movies and TV plays, and I am playing the ancient costume fantasy martial arts drama" Mr Universe "As Lin yan. Ashton Chen's acting career is expected to reach a new height.

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