The new version of "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji" Zhang Wuji's role is who is young and handsome.

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A mention of Zhang Wuji's play of "The Heavenly Slaughter of Dragon Slaughter," many classical performers came to our eyes, such as Zhang Wuji of Adam Cheng , Zhang Wuji of Steve Ma , and Zhang Wuji of Alec Su . The new edition of "Heavenly Swords of the Heavenly Steed" directed by Jeffrey Chiang also announced Zhang Wuji's acting as an actor. Who is he? Let's walk into this actor.

1. Zhang Wuji plays the role of people also ask

People also ask, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is an actor and singer in Mainland China. It started off as a group (fresh geeks and juveniles). He has participated in the reality show " Full speed up " and the variety show "The Birth of an Actor". Among them, his performance in "The Birth of an Actor" is remarkable, so that the majority of TV viewers saw a "new actor" pair. Awe of the performance. The television dramas starred in FighterOfTheDestiny , which was aired in 2017, and The Dragon Slayer, which was recorded in 2018, were featured in films such as “Out of Control, Ghost Ride ” and so on. When he was just debuting, his diligent dedication and humility efforts won a commendation in the industry. I believe that this time he played the role of Zhang Wuji, it will give the audience a fresh feeling. Want to understand the actor may wish to see him starring Program or TV.


2. Zhang Wuji drama character introduction

Zhang Wuji, the master of the Ming dynasty, the son of Zhang Cuishan and Yin Susu, possessed martial arts masterpieces of “big and grand displace” and “nine heroes”. Zhang Wuji's indecisive personality is rather indecisive, and many female students in the play have a constant relationship between chaos and chaos. For example, they are in love with Zhao Min and Zhou Yuruo. In the play, Zhang Wuji has been working hard to solve the rivers and lakes. In the end, he resolved all kinds of rivers and lakes, and sent his loved ones to Mongolia.



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