Hello, mrs. money' zhengzhou premiere audience: happy mahua has never let me down

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25, will be released on September 30, the happy twist movie Hello, Mrs. Money The film, which opened in 22 cities at the same time, was viewed in advance by various media and lucky audiences in zhengzhou at the oscars big Shanghai international cinema. Although it was expected to be a comedy, nearly a thousand people laughed their heads off as they watched the film. Many audience members were blunt, "happy mahua has never let me down, laugh almost past, especially very beautiful."

With the GoodbyeMr. Loser "" Shameful iron fist Similarly,Hello, Mrs. Moneyis an adaptation of one of kaixin's highest-grossing plays of 2016, featuring male employees Huang Cai lun - Being treated as a rich aunt by mistake, in order to get a promotion and pay raise, together with the desire to marry Yang Song of bai fumei, and the fear of bankruptcy, Allen, the second generation of rich, fanned the flames, only to pretend to be his aunt all the way. So far, the play has toured more than 700 performances across the country, with a solid range of punchlines, from the stage to the big screen, and a comprehensive upgrade in production, shot throughout the glamorous Malaysia.

After watching the film, Huang cai-lun's colorful performance impressed the audience. "the first second was male, the next was female, and Huang cai-lun played the unfamiliar feeling of pretending to be a woman." Alan and Yang Song, the consigliere behind the fake aunt, had a hilarious bunch of bad ideas. Shen Teng and Yuan Chang One was a priest, the other a bartender, and the crowd laughed when they appeared. So is this movie Celina Jade After the Wolf Warriors 2 After the first comedy, the female rich woman's fresh image has brought many surprises to the audience. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of happy twist, the brand once again brought the audience the relief gift of being able to "smile at ease".

Check it out: a "male employee" pretending to be "auntie" Huang cai-lun Yang Song "pretending to be a woman" is a surprise move

In the film, Huang cai-lun plays a small employee who is mistaken for a rich aunt. In order to make a small calculation in his mind, along with the stirring up of Alan Yang Song, he disguises himself as "Hello, Mrs. Money". The three have to pull out all the stops in order to pull the wool over their eyes, and the mysterious appearance of "real aunt"Celina Jademakes the lie even more confusing and hilarious. The dislocation of gender, the dislocation of identity, all bring a lot of laughs. However, Huang cai-lun is "pretending to be a woman". He wants to keep switching between men and women, and the occasional "breaking gang" makes the audience laugh.

Bonus point 2: Celina Jade's debut comedy was pleasantly surprised by Shen TengYuan ChangWang Cheng's joint contribution to the laughs

In addition to the trio of fake aunts, "real aunt"Celina Jadesurprised everyone by making her debut ina comedy. Not only the rich aunt's expensive performance, but also in the film also pretended to be a maid, lovely and smart. "Hello, Mrs. Money" also gathered many audience familiar with the hemp actors, among them,Shen Tengimmediately let the audience gush, in the film he played the priest, officiating a unique three-person wedding, jin sentence is often out of bounds.Yuan Changchanged her old image to play a handsome bartender, who has contributed a lot of baggage.

In addition, the film has a lot of familiar faces, such as the ombudsman donkey to water, in theShameful iron fist"in the audience to miss a year's show, Bearded disciple of lotus the door," GoodbyeMr. Loser "pull dong-mei ma drilling small forest brother society, and so on, also let the audience to smile, feel to find the film actors in those familiar with the twist of the play, like looking for hide the eggs.

Point 3: Malaysia filming the whole journey in the "world's most dangerous bridge" collective chase aunt

"Hello, Mrs. Money" in the production of a comprehensive upgrade, scene selection more rich. Set on an island, the story ofHello, Mrs. Moneyis presented visually with delicate dancing beauty in the stage play. In this film, the team chose to shoot in Malaysia specially, which brought us a fresh visual experience and let the audience enjoy themselves after laughing. With beach sunshine, blue sea and blue sky, the movie not only swept the island scenery of Malaysia, but also staged a scene of collective chasing my aunt on the langkawi skybridge, which ranks the top ten most breathtaking Bridges in the world.

Watch point 4: A cut name plum "" good luck to come" "and look forward to the next" "mahua golden melody."

In the movies of "GoodbyeMr. Losers", "A cut plum" and "good luck to them by iron fist", the subversive interpretation of songs in happy hemp movies always brainwashed the audience, which has become A big attraction of the movies. By the early Naomi The movie's promotional song "auntie" has already brainwashed many netizens and been dubbed the "must-have song for pocket money". This time, in the movie, the song also seamlessly connects with the cross-dressing plot and is very happy. Mao BuYi "If one day I become very rich" is a good match for the movie's story, impressive.

Hello, Mrs. Money is one of the top choices on National Day

The story of "Hello, Mrs. Money" begins with feelings that are not "equal" and ends with feelings that are not "equal". After watching the film, in addition to laughter, "in love, whether the need for a suitable couple" has also led to a lot of discussion. Poor boy with sincerity and persistence touched rich daughter, small staff with kindness and integrity to win the heart of female rich, in the film a few pairs of relationships are different, but the final results are very satisfactory. The emotional paragraph in the film Na Ying, The episode "appearance" is more warm and moving. "Hello, Mrs. Money" was also voted the top choice for National Day as it was a film surrounded by joy and warmth.

Watch point six: happy mahua 15 years of original taste of "mahua comedy" smile to the audience

In 2015,GoodbyeMr. Loserhit the big screen, bringing a lot of surprises to the audience, which made the audience become the "tap water" of the dark horse. After that, neither of them failed to live up to the expectations of the audience. Although the leading roles and themes of the directors differ in these films, they all carry on the burst and decompression of happy twist. The dense comedy burden and subversive magical music interpretation in the twist movies, with their own characters with funny points, always make the audience laugh. The success of the previous works also led to Hello, Mrs. Money. Wu yu han Frankly speaking, the pressure is not small, today's national premiere, there is no doubt for the audience and the creator of a heart, this year National Day, can laugh at ease again.

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