Lou yixiao returns to musical theater stage to recreate classic musical' sunday-love song

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Lou Yixiao The return to the stage of musical drama is now recognized by the "father of musical drama" weber & NBSP; Return to the classic musical "Sunday love song"

Recently, Lou Yixiao was invited to attend the Chinese version of the musical "the father of the musical" weber's "Sunday love song" and embarked on a magical and adventurous musical journey to London. 'it's a very memorable study tour experience,' she wrote on her weibo account. 'theater, stage, lighting, actors, everything here makes me love it.' It's worth it to come to London and see a musical. This time I set out for a musical! By the way, Lou Yixiao, a young actor who graduated in musical theater, was delighted with the journey.

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Net friends for their thumb up, "together with you to visit music ah." In fact, Lou Yixiao recently told the audience on social media that she has been touring the country for the musical "Sunday love song" and said: "for all the people who study musical theater," Sunday love song "is a god and it is a dream for them to participate in the musical.

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Lou Yixiao was born in dalian, liaoning province. His mother likes singing. She was influenced by family environment since childhood, influenced by her eyes and ears.

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Lou Yixiao is reported to have chatted about musicals in the popular variety show "city of unreal", hoping everyone would like musicals. However, the musical in the city of unreal is even more powerful. After a minute on the stage and a decade of achievements, Lou Yixiao was really like this. Besides his singing and dancing skills, he was awarded the national second-class athlete of vocal music examination grade 9, piano grade 7 and competitive aerobics. During her college years, she never slacked, and kept practicing and dancing every day. Sophomore Lou Yixiao was selected by the director to appear in the filmLove apartment"Hu yifei" has become a popular movie star. Since then, although she has performed many excellent works, she has been unable to surpass the role of "hu yifei", and she is not hot.

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According to Lou Yixiao, "city of unreal" is like a miniature musical, with guests who need to perform, sing and dance together, and without NG in 8 minutes. This model is very novel, but it also sets a high demand for the entire production team. Lou Yixiao's missing him in city of unreal, with its beautiful voice, solid dancing skills and explosive acting skills, proved herself and let the audience see her more possibilities. As Lou Yixiao said "I am more than just hu yifei", he broke the courage of his own label of achievements and gained support from netizens and the circle of strength fans.

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The editor also expects Lou Yixiao to bring more good works. At the same time, we also went to see what a visual feast the Chinese version of the sunday-love musical directed by Lou Yixiao and weber palace-level musical directors would bring to us.

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