Stay with my mom' perfectly ended with zeng li waving goodbye to summer.

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It is jointly produced by herun film and television production, Shanghai liang mei xia culture media, etc. Jiang Yi Ting As chief producer, The Great Wall Directed by the director, Ting Mei , Yajun Xu , Zeng Li, And the leading TV series Stay with my mom Since the show was broadcast, the wonderful performances of the actors and actresses have received unanimous praise from the audience.

"Stay with my mom" is the first domestic transnational fashion family drama with overseas reading partners. From the perspective of several different identities of "Stay with my mom", it tells the story of the parents and children of overseas students growing up together. ActorZeng Li,plays the intellectual and elegant single mother who stays with my mom after living with her daughter in Canada for 20 years during the summer Li Na (Ting Mei), ding zhiyuan (Yajun Xu) and her family set off a series of stories. The beautiful, confident, open-minded and gentle summer is not only loved by the audience inside and outside the show, but alsoZeng Li,has attracted countless fans with her charming personality.Zeng Li,andTing Meiare students of the star class of Chinese opera 96. Although this is the first time for them to cooperate, they have a tacit understanding and have brought a very wonderful performance to the audience.

Zeng Li has always maintained his love for acting since his debut. He starred in barber "," Talent ", "strange pictures from liaozhai"," Datang Glory "And many other film and television works, industry and outside the unanimous praise.Zeng Li,starred in the hit TV series "ancient sword and legend ii," in which she played the "green pepper woman", a splashedong lion, which brought many surprises to the audience and made them more eager for her to bring us more excellent works.

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