An oriental odyssey' the milk of ling xi is the milk-dog jiang chaoliang living light circle powder

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Linkeddb News November 21& have spent Recently, the costume drama An Oriental Odyssey "Is on. "Ling xi", which has been a constant death, is loved by the audience. In the play, ling xi, who is devoted to ye yuan 'an, always "falls down" under his own plot, and will never die if he doesn't do it. This trait of being unable to resist bad ideas in the face of the heroine and strong desire for life makes him the most "Suckling" villain in history.

It is said that the high level of appearance of the villain so that the audience can not hate, ling xi, the milk of the high level of appearance to be a source of laughter. As the audience grew, lingxi was played Jiang Chaoliang Was also stripped of private life photos. Tall but innocent-looking, facial features delicate movements silly, shed outside the soul stream Maria Yi However, every minute, the powder turns into milk dog meat.

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