Zhang yuxi's appearance is controversial in the entertainment industry. these actresses all depend on their faces for food.

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Linkeddb News October 13 Zhang Yuxi Recently in theRuyi's Royal Love in the PalaceIn online, but by netizens question "slide" in appearance, even someone says "half-blood facial features" think famous for her looks not very good, the female star in the entertainment circle, whatever you do is always controversial public figures will always be people to talk about after dinner, after all, but these actress really is "eat their face", their appearance level but highly popular approval.

Zhang Yuxi's appearance is controversial. .jpg

Be laughed at "five facial features stiff" Zhang Yuxi has a natural glow from black

The audience ofRuyi's Royal Love in the Palacefinally got the part of Zhang Yuxi, but her appearance left everyone dumbfounded. In the impression that Zhang Yuxi is clearly a lively and lovely girl, how can he become extremely restrained and stiff when he comes to the camera? Netizens have joked about Zhang Yuxi's facial expressions on weibo, with some saying that "she is fit for static but not dynamic", while the high-definition filming under the camera is a "public punishment" for her. But Zhang Yuxi, who is accustomed to self-blackness, also responded to netizens' jeers by saying that he looks better in the drama than in life when he gets up from bed.

A remake of the new god carving Netizen name: Liu Yifei The dragon lady!

'orthodox beauty' Jiarong Lv heads to international fans: kuafu her face. JPG

& have spent The latest news, "the giant" began to remake again, at this remarkable moment, ten thousand people appeared on the microblogging is almost "one-sided", netizens are very the tacit understanding that "Liu Yifei is the idea of the fairy elder sister", when Liu Yifei in shendiao, really too deep impression, she smile, her sword posture all let many audiences, plus Liu Yifei itself looks "dust", temperament out if she dare to say that they "eat their face", nobody will oppose!

3. A remake of the new god diao called out: Liu Yifei is the little dragon lady! .jpg

Orthodox beauty Jiarong Lv To the international Fan: bragging about her looks

Jiarong Lv, who has been called "the first beauty of the republic of China", If life meets you "Wait for drama impressed the public of the republic of China, the fans and netizens each role people all think that she is in place, Jiarong Lv with ever-changing wear take the lead and the strength of the proved" what can drive "style, creative dress out of Jiarong Lv, delicate face, of course, is the most proud of her advantage, foundation is a good girl plasticity is very strong, Jiarong Lv recently to take an active part in each big fashion week, looks like" orthodox "she is gradually to the international development of the fans are one embodiment is a seduction, obsessed with her charm, Just want to brag about her face!

Li Yitong The young lady is in great shape Fan: it's time for dinner

Li Yitong looks amazing to her fans: it's time for dinner! .jpg

Actor Li Yitong has been making an appearance in Shanghai's fox plaza, where she USES her fair skin and long legs to make people look smaller. BraveArcher "In the naughty wayward huang2 rong2, privately, is also a strength girl, full Li in Shanghai Yitong instantly attracted popularity, and wore a black and white dress, she put out all sorts of cute Pose, netizens can not help but praise her is" natural beauty PI son ", however it fans love she looks thin, have a message to remind: little sister, it's time for dinner!

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