Patron saint' will go live raquel following the old beauty + charm label

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Linkeddb News November 5  Recently, qiyi and shaw brothers film co - production, Chungshu Kai Directed, Michael Miu , Bosco Wong , Annie Liu , Kate Tsui ,Hui Shiu - hung,, Hugo Ng , Oscar Leung , Tianlin Zhai , Jones Xu , MC Jin , Irene Wan , Raquel , Lu Hai , Xiwei Wang , Maggie Shiu ,Mimi Kung Tse - Yan, Philip Keung , Kent Tong , Nina Paw The TV drama "the guardian angel's insurance investigation", starring an equal weight cast, will go live on iQIYI this month.

Raquel pitched in to play People also ask baby

Set in the insurance industry, and for the first time from the perspective of "insurance claims adjusters", the play mainly tells the story of a strange soldier in the insurance industry, through investigating the truth of insurance accidents, revealing the shocking truth behind huge insurance premiums. All of the cast members appeared in the show, which was shot in locations as far away as Prague, Malaysia, shenzhen and Hong Kong.

In the play, Raquel played People also ask baby, who was born in mainland China after 1990s. He was dressed in red with wavy hair. In the shaping of new roles, Raquel still followed the previous label of beauty and charm. Moreover, the joining of Raquel has also injected a lot of fresh blood into this pure Hong Kong drama, which not only bears the responsibility of the appearance level of the drama, but also features the story of the drama.

Raquel carries the same old beauty + charm label. JPG

Performance to a new level Raquel shape super masterpiece

Since her debut, Raquel has been known for her portrayal of "sexy and deep" women. Y u Z UI "To" FistsofDragons "And the movie that's going all over the Internet. The richest man in xilong "Raquel has gained more and more stability on The road of The powerful" little tsing yi ", while The movie starring him ended with a superior score of 2.547 billion, ranking seventh in Chinese film history. & have spent

The special agent perspective of the villain, the funny and silly people set the" Salsa "This role, and the actor Raquel performances are vivid fine level, the characters depicted to comic effect, especially in the piece she threw her head" dance ", "dog face" contrast plot is extremely, fooling this is also the "Y u Z UI", "FistsofDragons" later, Raquel performance to a new level, the success of super delegates.

Raquel leans in to play People also ask baby. JPG

Guardian angel goes online. JPG

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