Zhang Yimou's Dialogue and Fables 2047' in the second quarter conference recalled that he had borrowed books from Chen Kaige

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May 23, produced by Buick, Zhang Yimou 's concept performance "Dialogue Fable 2047" held a press conference in Beijing in the second quarter. At the press conference, Zhang Yimou recalled that during college time, she had been under tremendous pressure and Chen Kaige had borrowed books, which was thought-provoking.

At the press conference, Zhang Yimou talked about the hardships of the behind-the-scenes creation process and claimed that there was "stress." And said: "Actually, I am very pursuing perfection, and every one of us, whoever gives us pressure, I think it is our own." In fact, as early as Zhang Yimou, he always "pressed" himself, when he Because I am older than my classmates, I always feel inferior and sensitive. The major he majored in was photography. His teacher said: “After graduation, you have to start pushing the railcars from the third assistant, then the second assistant, the big assistant, the vice photography, the handheld photography, and the photographer. The photographer needs at least ten years." But if he does not have to wait until at least 42 to become a photographer, Zhang Yimou will consider changing to become a director. At that time, he had also borrowed books from some students such as Chen Kaige and Tian Zhuangzhuang . Zhang Yimou still remembers the past. "I'm also ashamed to say that I changed the director. I said I look at it. With long knowledge, each of them gives me ten books of twenty titles. I'll borrow to see. Just because of his age, he had no thoughts for making a living.” With such a mentality, Zhang Yimou continuously enriched himself by borrowing books. It can be seen that in every process of growth, "pressure" has always been there.

The second quarter of the “Dialogue Fables 2047” was born under the great pressure of the team in the first quarter “Zero Bad Review” and the complete trust of the Buick publishers. Zhang Yimou stated: “I hope each season of 2047 can be a zero-evaluation.” And the SAIC General Motors Buick Marketing Department also said: “This team is their pursuit of the performance itself, they are themselves The harshness of the profession, and their breakthroughs in the innovation of all of their performance needs, in fact, are really in line with the spirit of the Buick brand."

This season's performance will be created by 18 teams and individuals from 7 countries. The cross-temporal dialogue between 7 advanced technologies and traditional folk folk culture and art will soon refresh your concept. It is reported that the first round of the second round of "Dialogue Fables 2047" will be on the National Theatre from June 12th to 14th and will be touring at the end of July.

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