National first-class actor had been married for six years, his wife's mother objected to his marriage and his son earned him enough face

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National first-class actor once ran for six years, marriage was rejected by his mother-in-law today's son earned him enough face

Nowadays, there are many actors with high level of appearance in the entertainment industry, and actors of film and TV series pay more attention to appearance rather than connotation, which is a phenomenon that the machine in the entertainment industry is not good. Today I would like to introduce to you this is an old actor. He has participated in a lot of film and television works. He is a famous actor Peiqi Liu .

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Mention the name Peiqi Liu and you may ask who it is, but when you see the photo, you will be amazed: it is him. Peiqi Liu was born in 1958. He graduated from the PLA academy of arts in 1983.

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Peiqi Liu became famous earlier. In 1985, she acted in two black stars and entered the entertainment industry. She won the golden rooster award for best actor for her success in 1986 Excellent actor award and so on. In 1997, Peiqi Liu got more attention for his acting skills and strength as qiao an shan in Leave Lei Fengs day, which set a record for the box office that year.

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Peiqi Liu started his career 33 years ago, and his life of drifting north after six years in a dragon suit has given him a lot of experience. He has never been careless in acting and cherishes every role. From an unknown actor to a well-known actor, he became an old artist in the entertainment industry. In 2000, with Siqin Gaowa , Kesheng Lei Co-star as Big house door "" three masters" "three old drama bones together in Taiwan show, let the audience exclaim. Peiqi Liu also starred in many excellent films and TV series, such as War of the Dragon and Peiqi Liu. Nothing gold can stay "And so on. Among them, he won the best actor award in the 20th Shanghai international film festival-film channel media attention unit for War of the Dragon.

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As the "evergreen" Peiqi Liu in the entertainment industry, every role played by Peiqi is deeply rooted in the hearts of people. However, his love life in real life is a good story. His wife, meng tianjiao, was also an unknown drama actor. They were introduced to each other by friends, and the family of Peiqi Liu was poor and unknown. Naturally, the marriage was opposed by his mother-in-law. The feeling between the two is not blessed, although meng tianjiao had retreated, but his enthusiasm infected. Meng tiaojiao and Peiqi Liu secretly married, after years of mutual affection.

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Today, the two have a happy child together. Peiqi Liu, who strictly controls his son's education, is determined not to make any moral mistakes. "my son is in his 20s and has never said a dirty word. He is very intelligent, considerate and courteous. Clever and courteous son, for the couple to earn enough face. We hope qi Liu, an old drama, can continue to bring us good works.

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