Reno wang as song director appeared on the night release to talk with creative background

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Linkeddb News October 30& have spent Recently, by the Yang Yang The director, Chen Feiyu ,S.I reine, Hu Jun , Adam Cheng , Shijie Jin , Ni Dahong Such as the leading role, dawn special friendship performance, wang yuren as the chief producer of the ancient costume fantasy drama The night The show was launched in Beijing with the theme of "young jianghuai yuan", a musician who serves as the director of original songs for the show Reno Wang And surprise.

& have spent & have spent & have spent On the day of the press conference, Reno Wang took the stage to speak. In addition to thanking the crew for their trust in him, he also confessed to some internal concerns in the creation process: he was afraid of some changes brought by music in the creation process, which was slightly out of line with the emotion in the original novel, which caused doubts to the fans. Therefore, when he gives the song and character true feelings to the greatest extent, he aggravates the influence of the song itself and makes the characters more full. Reno Wang also revealed that her role as The night's song director was initially motivated by The strong recommendation of "fan wife". Later, when I learned about The story and The relationship between The characters, I had The source of creation and reached agreement with The play on The track style and structure, so that The original songs of The night could be perfectly presented. & have spent

& have spent & have spent There are seven well-produced songs throughout The night, which was released on October 25 Sitar Tan Performance of the promotional song Nuitnoire ", "Nuitnoire" not only has skillfully arranged the Musical Instruments, but also integrates with minority Musical Instruments such as matouqin and chaoer, making the songs more original and unique. Other songs from The night soundtrack will also be released, and there will be amazing singers to help. Seven songs with their own characteristics, you will be a full ear, please look forward to!

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