Sand sea' riddles in the wang family fight to the death agent lei wu looks amazing

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Star connection September 11Youth adventure drama Sand Sea The show is on, and is expected to wrap up next week. Since its inception,Sand Seahas been acclaimed as the highest level of film and television production of tomb raiding in recent years, and its production, restoration and scenes have been highly recognized by the audience. Lei Wu As li tuo, Qin Hao As the evil wu, Chen Ji Characters such as the dark glasses also received lots of praise from fans and viewers.

In the latest episode, li tuo, played by Lei Wu, enters the 10th family, the wang family, with injuries. With Wu's mission, the wang family begins to struggle for survival in the crisis. The wangs base was completely closed, li was forced to learn white and black lessons, and learn to integrate into the wangs to explore their secrets.

Because of li's ability to read snake venom pheromones, wang's family used wang xiaoyuan to threaten li to read pheromones by using her body to escape danger and gain the secrets left by wang's ancestors, wang's family. Li tuo had a lot of hostility to wang, but he decided to read pheromone to save her. Li tuo touched wang xiaoyuan's face for a few minutes, and her eyes flashed with tenderness, compassion and firmness, which showed thatLei Wuwas already an actor who began to show the characters with "eye skills". The pain of reading pheromone, the hamstring explosion, also shows Lei Wu's immersion and uncommon performance to the character.

The most amazing thing is that after reading pheromone, li tui dressed up as an agent to guide wang's family remotely, looking for wang's secret. The cool, harsh eyes and appropriate facial expressions surprised the audience. And li huu also by a small juvenile, in the road of difficulties and obstacles experienced, toward becoming li boss growth.

"Sand Sea" has become more and more exciting, and it will be the end of next week. Where will li's fate be? Next Thursday, Friday and Saturday will lock down the season of "Sand Sea".

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