“the story of yanxi palace” jenny zhang finally went online and won the title of “the most beautiful palace”.

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Star connection aug 22by Hui Kai - dong , Deguang Wen Directed, Jenny Zhang, , Nie Yuan Etc. Xu Kai , Zhuo Tan co-starring The story of Yanxi Palace At present, the network broadcast volume has reached nearly 10 billion, far ahead of other films and TV programs broadcast at the same time, and the online discussion volume is also high. Among them,Jenny Zhang,plays a shun concubine who has already collected several hot searches before going online. Yesterday, shun cong in the eyes of millions of people finally amazing release, or was named as "the most beautiful palace."

《The story of Yanxi Palace》Jenny Zhang,

The story of Yanxi Palace mainly tells The story of The gem of a lady. Jingyan Wu With the courage to march forward, the astute and flexible mind, and the broad-mindedness, we can solve the difficulties of the court and finally become the story of the imperial concubine who helped emperor qianlong (Nie Yuan) in his heyday. Shunju (Jenny Zhang) is the most beautiful woman in the Forbidden City and the most powerful rival in the late period of wei gem entering the palace. In last night's plot, the concubines, naive and naive, feel jealous because they are too beautiful and monopolistic. Therefore, the concubines headed by the queen used the ceremony of princess Ann's death to marry the concubines.

《The story of Yanxi Palace》Jenny Zhang,

Jenny Zhang's career and family double harvest in 2018 Here to Heart Two works, "The story of Yanxi Palace", have recently been exposed in Hong Kong giving birth to The second son, "little eight", double happiness is The envy of life.

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