Off the list of emergency'' The ultimate forecast of Dong Zijian Elane Zhong''s dedication to happiness, jealousy, and emotional love

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Produced by Drama Films, Beijing Culture, Millet Films, Sanle Films, DMG, Land Films, Piao Tickets, Songde Film and Television, Non-Frontier Entertainment, Poly Films, and Mage Films, produced by Leste Chen . Kevin Ko directed, Ren Peng screenwriter, Dong Zijian , Elane Zhong , Jessie Li 's romantic comedy " Off the list of emergency ", will soon be released nationwide on April 20. Today, the film party announced the final video of the film.

In the notice, Dong Zijian and the emotional entanglements of Elane Zhong and Jessie Li further exposed: “Have you ever met someone? Let your heart beat” reveals the fluctuation of life after Dong Zijian's role as the two goddesses. However, the successive serial ears shook him back to reality and had to admit that "only the goddess knows the goddess best". At the end of this carefully calculated love, the biggest variable was ushered in, and eventually Dong Zijian’s choice between Elane Zhong and Jessie Li became the biggest suspense in the movie.

what is love? Dong Zijian Elane Zhong 揪心选择::算是真心

The final notice of this exposure still maintains the characteristics of romantic comedies of “Off the list of emergency”. Dong Zijian took turns in the goddesses of Elane Zhong and Jessie Li. He enjoyed her kisses and suffered a fierce slap in the face. It was a feeling of happiness and laughter.

But in addition to this, the ultimate preview also incorporates the five steps of “meeting, communicating, pursuing, testing, and confession” concocted by the film, emphasizing the “self-true” variable. The entire preview was "If you chase a girl, you have to be an aircraft seriously, you wouldn't be single," "Is there any difference between a plane and a girl?" We also let everyone see that when we are young, we really "do not know what to do" and really "do not understand the girl's heart." As the film critic Chu Mufeng said, the highlight of this film is the combination of camouflage during the growth process and camouflage in the process of love. Sometimes we really disguise ourselves to attract a person and finally "Comprehensive calculations" and "plain authenticity" are the ultimate choices for the road to love.

Happy, hearty, and tempted: The simplest inner world of a comedy with sense of proportion

Because of the romantic comedy and the entanglement of the heart, “Off the list of emergency” has gained a lot of praise in the road shows and exhibitions. It’s very simple, not only makes people happy to laugh, but also makes People moved to worry.

Bai Baihe , who participated in the premiere of the film at the 15th, said, “It's been a long time without laughing so happy. What really complicated things are all derived from a simple one.” Director Yang Lu said that the film was very successful after reading. “The characters are very simple, very loyal to themselves, there is no utilitarian judgment, just like doing movies and creations, I read it is a gain.” Run Nian Dong is a concise and comprehensive summary, “the first half is particularly happy, the middle part is particularly heart Finally, it was very moving and it impressed me."

In the circle of ordinary viewers and critics, praise also focused on the film's "laughing fruit" and the quality of the heart. Ms. Fujiishu said, “Jumping is full, sincerity is a perfect score. Sense of the sense of proportion is good, showing a rare high-grade texture.” Mr. Honor said, “Looking at the end, I found this story to restore one of the simplest inner world. The interpretation of the layers of the routine revealed that love did not really require any routines that violated the mind."

In addition to this, the commentary that the film is "funny and touched" occupies a considerable proportion, "the heart can not be falsified, love does not need routines", "sincerity is the road to everything, love is no exception." A large number of comments even triggered The "Great Love Discussion".

The romantic comedy "Off the list of emergency" will be officially released on April 20.

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