Qin li's' ruyi's royal love in the palace

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Linkeddb News October 16 Last night, the TV dramaRuyi's Royal Love in the Palace"Welcome to the finale, a few episodes of the online" fragrant concubine "hanxiang see can only regret farewell, this let many Qin Li One fan said she had not seen enough. In addition to the role of xiang fei, Qin Li is also a TV series called Fights Break Sphere 》中饰演了小医仙。古灵精怪的小医仙与外冷内热的寒香见这两种截然不同的人物都被 Qin Li 演绎得真实细腻,可见 Qin Li 身为一个演员的可塑性和专业性。

Qin Li 'Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace' as han xiang xian.jpg

Qin Li: love is her only antidote

In the killing Break Sphere, Qin Li breaks the mission setting in the novel and shapes a small medical immortal with fuller personality, making people happy and also making them worried. She is quaint, dare to love and hate, a word is not good with xiao yan act jiao, hug, fly high, so many netizens shouted "yan xian CP good sweet". The good little medical immortal will shed tears for accompanying his lion king to die, and will give everything without any regrets for the person she loves. She will not care about her life for xiao yan to be safe. As long as xiao yan has a comforting word and a smile, she will be satisfied.

Xiao yan once faced the small medicine fairy blurts out "I like you", and the net friend to the small medicine fairy's love is also effusive. After the show aired, xiao yixian became a hot topic on the Internet. Many people were amazed at Qin Li's character building ability, which gave the audience a strong sense of substitution. "Qin Li is really acting like anything!"

"Fragrant concubine" Qin Li: the coldest and warmest existence of the harem

Qin Li 在采访时表示:特别害怕《 Fights Break Sphere 》和《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》同时播,会感觉自己“人格分裂”。的确两个人物的性格相去甚远,如果说斗破中的 Qin Li 把古灵精怪发挥到了极致,那么在Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace中她就是把“高冷进行到底”。她性情刚烈遗世而独立,无欲无求困守宫中,不去逢迎讨好任何人,在她心中只把如懿当成了朋友、知己,曾多次为了如懿怼皇上,还被网友赐名“寒怼怼”。

In the finale, we must be very impressed by one of the lines of princess rong. When all the people were feeling sorry for her death before their Epiphany, only princess rong said: "there is nothing to be sad about. Like ruyi, she had a boy and a boy who each had his heart set on him only once in his life. Not for the glory of wealth and devoid of true, sympathetic memories of only young lang, she is "in the palace of a clear flow".

"Ruyi 's Royal Love broadcast" in the Palace ", "hue" list of related topics are coming out frequently, due to the fragrant concubine in the Ruyi' s Royal Love episodes appeared between the "in the Palace", not the scenes, so many netizens said "didn't see enough", also have a net friend said "thanks to ooze seeps and see the play so play, let's see a different hue, good loathe to give up you."


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