""Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" calm landing landing on July 13 can exceed the production limit to wait and see

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After six years of seclusion, he was born and was directed by Pang Ho-cheung . The fantasy movie starring Lei Wu , Tony Leung Ka-Fai , Carina Lau , Zhang Yishang , Ming Dao , Jia-yi Feng , Kiki , Duobujie , Wang Tiejun , etc. Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu released a trailer for today, officially announced that the film was finally locked on July 13, 2018.

"If we don't move forward, we will be abandoned by the audience."

In 2008 and 2012, after the first two years of “The PaintedSkin ” and “ PaintedSkin2, ” two times in the market, “ThePaintedSkin” series leader Yang Zhen Kam suddenly disappeared from the industry. The The PaintedSkin 3 was also sought after by many companies. Long time no start message. In 2013, when the industry guessed when “The PaintedSkin 3” was launched, Ningxia Film Group and Zhenjian Films quietly launched the brand new project “Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu”—an original story from Eastern classical ideas, creating an unprecedented story. The complete universe. Life ceases, and rebirth never ceases. Life flows in heaven, in Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu, in the world, in the world of Warcraft, in the spiritual world, and in the world of fiends according to the laws of good and evil.


Yang Zhen Kam has always had a dream of creating the world with a screen. In 2013, when Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu was born, he hoped to use this movie to contribute to the growth of Chinese films. He said: “Today, young audiences have seen the speed of aesthetic appreciation more than the growth rate of Chinese filmmakers’ production capabilities. In this way, these mainstream young audiences will abandon us. So we must step forward , to get to the world-class film to be worthy of the audience."

Oriental Philosophy Core Conquers Oscar-level International Artists with Art

The half-step of this dream made the Yang Zhen Kam team spend six years of hardships. Initially, when Yang Zhen Kam passionately talked about the artistic conception of making a “great coffee” with domestic roads, everyone was excited about his ideas, but they all expressed that “such an advanced movie, wait a few moments.” In fact, this movie can't be made on the basis of the current Chinese film industry. Is it abandonment or responsibility? In the end, they made a difficult decision: to find first-rate filmmakers all over the world and to jointly complete this "advanced, Chinese filmmakers can't finish the movie." What they didn't think of was that all with him For foreign filmmakers negotiating, the first thing they care about is not pay, but work flow. It is the workflow of Hollywood A-level movies. To make this movie according to such a process, it needs at least 100 million US dollars, and Yang Zhen Kam agrees. When filmmakers around the world turned from being questioned to being infected by art, took their luggage to China, took root in the crew, and started working with the domestic filmmakers and the main team, Yang Zhen Kam realized how many Chinese films were produced. The lack of links can only explain why China cannot produce a large-scale visual effect at the international level.

July 8, 2016 in Dachang, Hebei, faced more than 200 international top film workers covering 35 countries (including several participated in "Speed ​​and Passion" "Lord of the Rings" "Game of Thrones" and "Mad McCain" At the ceremony for the opening ceremony of 1600 Chinese filmmakers, such as the creators of the familiar works and Oscar winners, Yang Zhen Kam made a definitive announcement: "The Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" must be made and must be China's movie industry has made some contributions to upgrade."

Three "limit questions" of "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu", Can We Break Through?

At the Hong Kong Film Festival in March 2016, "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" made its first appearance through a concept poster. Four months later, on July 8th, the film was officially launched. After 183 days, it turned away from the seven great locations in Qinghai and Ningxia, and the Dachang Film Studio in Hebei Province, overcoming dissatisfaction, altitude sickness, and shortage of location shooting materials. Various difficulties and other successful completion of the shooting. The film then traveled across the ocean for 15 months of post-production in the United States. The film features more than 2,400 effects shots, including four major shooting and production challenges that 35 filmmakers have never encountered. For one, the unparalleled role of the historical film - the three-in-one Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu King, and the last three heads together; the second, to break through the previous new heavenly art setting, shooting and presentation; third, heartless, There are no difficult roles such as declining, criminal and animal beasts; Fourth, the CG role pumpkin figure card created with millions of dollars has created the “highest pay” for Chinese CG figures.

On January 7, 2017, Yang Zhen Kam filled with emotion at the scene of the movie's debut. He told the three limits of "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu": "The six world super art settings of "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" exceed the imagination. Ultimately, this limit beyond imagination has brought unprecedented shooting difficulty limits and post-production difficulty limits." On July 13, 2018, "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" made its debut. Whether or not it breaks through the three limit problems, we will wait and see.

In July, the crowd was very calm and the "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" locked 7.13.

In July of 2018, the good show continued to appear on the "inauguration screen." In July's multi-player type, the "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" was the only fantasy giant, and it calmly demarcated 7.13. In this documentary, the film party released a trailer and used the words “spirit”, “meat”, “crime”, and “penalty” to deduce the story and theme of the movie – when it was a kind and poor one. The shepherd boy has strayed into a world of extreme desire. When his human destiny undergoes earth-shaking changes, when pure and courage meets the desire of Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu, the shepherd boy will decide? Is "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" a milestone change in China's industrial film or is it another speculative investment project? Is it a dose of eye-catching and confident medicine for the disappointed Chinese audience to hurt the soul, or is it a pity for giants? Let us hold a heart that has been frightened and we will wait and see.

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