He is sandra ng's ex-boyfriend who has lost his reputation for drug possession.

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He is a Sandra Ng An ex-boyfriend who lost his reputation for drug possession

提到 Alex To Probably few people know who it is? But when it comes to theNo. 8 pawn shop》,很多人熟悉,一代人的回忆。 Alex To 就是《No. 8 pawn shop》的男主角,他也凭借这部剧一炮走红在影视圈。娱乐圈就像一个大染缸,考验着人收获名和利时的定力,一步走错,将会让你身败名裂。 Alex To 就是一个很明显的例子。据说,正当风光无限,人人羡慕的时候,他却被警察抓到藏毒,自此身败名裂,几乎退出娱乐圈,今已形同路人,没几个人记得他。

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Alex To, born into a music family in Hong Kong, is of Chinese, Spanish and Filipino heritage. Chang Loo's classic vocals WontYouGiveMeaKiss? Have been popular ever since. He was influenced by the family environment from childhood, influenced by his eyes and ears, and became associated with music. The powerful music cells, combined with the daily edification of music, have contributed to his laudable talent on music. Alex To, a graduate of the business design department of the Toronto institute of technology, is a male pop singer, musician and actor from Hong Kong, China.

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Alex To is a music talent, and there is no substitute for his achievement on music. Alex To's Ma saison preferee and Lyubovnik went viral. Alex To is praised as the "perfect Lyubovnik" in the Chinese music industry. As a singer, he played soul, blues and R&. B B B 0 introduced one of the pioneers of Chinese music and led the dance trend. He has a unique international style. He has been praised by the media for his avant-garde image, rebellious character, keen sense of fashion and innovative music.

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In addition To his rebellion in the entertainment industry, Alex To's love life can be said To be dazzling. Many people don't know that he was also Sandra Ng's ex-boyfriend. Young Alex To is said To have had a relationship with Sandra Ng. When the two collaborated on the film, they attracted each other and got together. The relationship was short-lived, too, and the two quickly broke up peacefully. Some netizens have speculated that the reason for the split was that Sandra Ng was abandoned for playing dirty in her acting career. The true reason is unknown.

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They also attended events together in 2014 when they worked together again on golden chicken s. When asked by a reporter, ms Ng is unperturbed: "he's always been a good conversationalist" and a friend. In fact, Sandra Ng is now a mother to a famous director Peter Chan Though there is no marriage contract, it is very happy.

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如今, Alex To 50多岁,娶了小24岁娇妻 Ice Lee 。他对妻子很是疼爱,还晋升为奶爸,家庭很是幸福。虽说事业上诸多不顺,人缘还不错,Tony Leung Chiu waiAlso specially asked for leave to receive the family, face is really very big. It is rumored that Alex To, who has been dating a lot of girlfriends, has returned To his family after meeting his current wife, which is probably the fate he believes in. Although Alex To has become a passer-by, the editor here is looking forward To his happiness forever!

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