When the tv series “eat by mistake” started, li yiyi fell in love with her at the beginning of her career.

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Star news: by the actor Siwei Wan , Dream Qin Li yiyi, the new generation actress of star yao media, plays the role of "li jiayu", a beautiful and competent female secretary around the hero.

The play mainly tells the story of a couple who get married due to delicious food, and finally get cured from warm cooking after a series of misunderstandings and fights. They know themselves clearly and understand the true meaning of happiness. "Li jiayu", played by li yi, often follows the bully's boss in the show. As the hero's right-hand man, he has to cope with whatever happens.

& have spent Actress li yiyi, born in the 1990s, enters the workplace for the first time in eat by accident, shedding her youth and youth to play an independent working city woman. In the play, she mainly matches her shirt with a small black suit, which is mature and capable. In private, she is a lively and lovely little girl, whose personality contrasts lovingly with that of others. Li yi has also appeared in the film before. Ba the Qing Biography "," Man vine radish "And other movies and TV dramas, faced with this urban working women, she has mastered the temperament of light familiarity can also show the ease of ease.

Overlord President and appearance level online female secretary, food and power fantasy elements combine, handsome men and women, power drama, together to create a fashion icon love drama. It is reported that "eat by mistake" is exclusive broadcast in iQIYI, let us in this summer holiday, and li yiyi together blindly fall in love.

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