Here's Here to Heart' Jenny Zhang plays a thin, bent heart

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" Here to Heart " Jenny Zhang plays a thin end

In the heart of Jenny Zhang, he waited for seven years to occupy the south string, but after the return of warmth, she was caught in contradiction and entanglement. She was afraid, struggling and unwilling, so she tried to prove that he was in the heart of the Nanxian. As a result, I was unable to meet Mincho with my heart, and my career has plummeted.


After he took a break from the southern strings and warmth, he kept himself at the side of Minchota. Zhan Min was grateful for her company, but she did not fall in love with her.

Later, he returned home warmly and combined with Nancho Strings. As an international actress, the brilliance is bright and the stars are arching into the moon. The princess, who has been held in the palm of her hand, is willing to lose warmth in the district. So she calculated behind her for the warmth and she was disgusted by the Southern string. However, due to her companionship, she still left her face, but she eventually broke through to her bottom line. , so accounted for the southern string and thin one's heart.


The thin-heartedness brought troubles to the company that held the South Strings and forced them to desperate, only for compounding. However, Zhan Minxian does not naturally consider falling in love with a woman who has no choice but to fall into the appetite and always tit for tat.

In the end, it took a variety of bumps to occupy the southern string, and the company went to the top. The hard-working thin heart eventually tied himself up, his career plummeted, and he lived abroad away from the sad place. The once glorious shadow became ordinary people.

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