Ah, my father-son,' starring zhang chun as village bully and reproducing his acting skills.

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Star connection September 26In mid-september, a country reality series "ah, my father-in-law" was broadcast on TV and video platforms of various networks. Till now, the series has been popular on shanxi satellite TV, tianjin satellite TV and other channels, with actors The To Suen Li junyi, Siqin Gaowa , hellmann, Chengru Li Mainland actors and actresses, such as the lead actor, won excellent audience praise.

Power play bone zhang chun as "village overlord" outrageous and malicious people

"Ah, my father-in-law" is an anti-corruption drama with a rural background in whichThe To Suenplays the new "village official" wang sheng, who meets the "village overlord" during his tenure. Zhang Xi Zhang Xi ping is the village chief of baipo village. In his village,Zhang Xiping is known as a bully who makes things difficult for him. Actor hellmann when playing "CunBa"Zhang Xiping, clever apply unsmiling character itself, create a "fierce" in the history of your appearance, in the role of psychological, hellmann to take an active part in the thorough analysis of the characters, by inside and the performance method is used to describe the character of "outrageous" and "evil", so when the fellows in broadcast, viewers to hellmann plays the villain of deep, hellmann intently and study of roles, so that his performance in bringing people to play fast.

Zhang chun-style "big villain" has a personal style audience: god acting!

In addition to playing the role of villain in the upcoming film, zhang has also successfully created different "bad guy" images in a number of excellent works, among which most of the public are familiar with drug Lord wu tanner in top secret privacy, as well as villain no.1 wang huo in cloth emperor. conscience And in the book One Mans Hero " Kenji Wu Endure, these realistic theme of TV series all have zhang chun's outstanding performance.

Zhang chun has been persistent in his professional practice. "start from details" is a valuable point. Zhang chun has truly walked into life, observed life, and integrated his experience into acting. Besides, zhang chun also has the advantage of being good at martial arts and fighting. As a result, the characters he played all have their own unique styles, and audiences who have watched his plays praise him. Many old artists also have high comments on him.

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